Walking in Slow Motion

Axi is just a normal girl in a gifted family. She isn't amazingly pretty, or intelligent, or popular. She's just a girl who gets bullied in school because her sister's dating the most dreamed-about guy there: and he's two years old than her.
Then she meets Seymour, a friend she never knew was always right beside her. When their teacher walks out of class, Axi begs him to teach her film editing-- a talent nobody in her family has.
But Seymour's teaching brings a new responsibility. In the middle of her first editing session, Axi discovers that she has skills. Special skills. Supernatural skills...
Who is Axi? WHAT is she? And will she ever be the same again...?
NEW BLURB! Do you like it? :)


1. Favourites

Ever since I was very small, I have always lain in bed quietly, before school, just listening to the birds chirping. Before the day could actually begin, before I couldn't enjoy myself any longer.

Today is no different. The birds' melodies seem to console me, seem to say, You're not the only one.

But that's just the thing, I respond quietly. I am not the only one.

The birds try to understand what I mean, but of course, being birds, they fail, forget about it, and begin to move on to other things, like breakfast. I lie quietly for a while, thinking about the weekend.

Rrrring. Rrrring.

I sigh and sit up in bed, stretching my arms. Monday has arrived, I think to myself. Come on, Axi. You've got to get out of bed sometime.

 I drag myself out of my room and down the stairs, where I can smell bacon.

"Where'sthebacon? Where'sthebacon?"An excited squeal penetrates the morning silence.

My twin sister Lex shoves past me on the stairs. I nearly fall over, but I still laugh to myself. Bacon is Lex's favourite dish. She simply adores it. Actually, adores is a terrific understatement. She obsesses over it might just do it.

I get to the bottom of the stairs and see my little sister Lily already sitting at the dining table.

"Morning, Lils," I say. She smiles at me, showing a gap in her front teeth where one is missing.

"Is that BACON I smell?" Lex interrupts.

"Yes it is!" trills Mom, coming out of the kitchen with a huge pile of steaming bacon.

"OOOHHH!" says Lex.

"Good morning, girls." My mother smiles and sets the bacon on the table. "Ahhh," she says. "Believe it or not, that bacon plate was super heavy."

I can definitely believe it.

"And how's my favourite little girl?" Mom ruffles Lily's hair and gives her a hug. She squeals.

"Hey!" says Lex, her voice muffled by a giant piece of bacon she has managed to stuff into her mouth. "I thought was your favourite little girl?"

"Don't be silly, Alexandra." My mother puts on a mock stern face and a Victorian-age style voice. "You, as you very well know, are my favourite middle girl."

We hear a yawn and all turn to see feet shuffling down the stairs. On top of those feet are very long legs, and on top of those legs is the body of my oldest sister, Jodie.

"Ah, and here comes my favourite BIG girl!" beams Mum.

"Morning, Mum," yawns Jodie. She shuffles towards Mum and they hug.

"What favourite girl am--" I am interrupted by a squeal as Lily accidentally drops her bacon--simply coated in ketchup-- all over the floor.

"Oh, Lily!" sighs my mother. She rushes over to Lily. "Maxine, don't just stand there! Get me a cloth!"

I walk into the kitchen and over to the towel cupboard, letting tears soak my eyelids.

I am a nobody.

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