��Sophia Glitters always wanted to meet big time rush and one direction. Her favorite boy bands.. But she never got to see them when she was walking in Hollywood a surprise was there... Now Sophia hangs out with the boys but what would happen if one of the 1D boys fall in love with Sophia and one of the big time rush boys fall in love with her too? Let's check it out..



Sophia walked up to her friend Jessica who was sitting in the couch watching tv. Jessica said " hey Sophia how's it going?." sophia said " terrible it has been the worst!." Jessica said " why would you say that?." Sophia said " coz I know.. Why is it hard to meet famous people? They are just normal people like us.." Jessica said " oh I get it about the big time rush and one direction tickets again?." sophia said " obviously." Jessica said " look Sophia just chill down you don't know what's coming but maybe soon you'll get to meet them.. We don't know what's coming." Sophia said " yeah like that soon would be today." Jessica said pointing to a one direction and a BTR poster" see look at that.. Don't u feel the rush?." Sophia said " feel what that's from a song why would u copy it?." Jessica said " coz I love it and I love my sweet dreamy oh how I wish I could meet Kendall." Sophia smiled. Sophia said " wait I thought you were in love with Niall." Jessica said " that was a long time ago." Sophia said " long time ago??? One direction just started this 2010." Jessica said " oh well.. Nice try..." Sophia said " what are u talkin about?." Jessica said " nothing." Sophia lives in Los Angeles. Sophia said " why don't I take a little walk around in a little while in Hollywood." Jessica said " yeah and maybe you'll bumped onto one direction and big time rush and you'll fall in love with them and get married haha." Sophia said " you're weird." Jessica said " what can I say.." Sophia said " I gotta go and get away with this annoying conversation with my most annoying best friend.." jessica said " I'm cool with that at least u say the best friend word.." Sophia said " ok see ya.." Sophia left.
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