Not Exactly How I Planned It

Another new school. Lexi is sick of it. Always moving, never settling in. She's used to keeping her head down and getting on with it but that's not how it happened this time...


1. Starting Over

I took a step into the crowded corridor and took a deep breath. School. Kids as wild as animals shoved their way through the corridors while others stood chilling against walls not a care in the world. I took an elbow to the ribs and a kick to the shins.

"Oi! Get out of the way minger!" a voice shouted. I didn't move until I realised they were talking to me. I stumbled forward. You'd think I'd be used to it considering how many times i've moved, but no. The same fear still consumes me whenever I step into a new school. I read my timetable like a treasure map exept the prize wasn't gold and jewellery it was a class full of rowdy kids and dull-eyed teachers with droning voices.

Eventually I found my class. I straigtened my tie and smoothed my hair. First impressions. I took a deep breath and stepped inside. Here we go.


* * *

" Lexi are you nearly ready?" my Mum shouted.

"Yes Mum!" I replied.

I looked in my mirror. My hair was long light brown corkscrew curls with golden highlights and my eyes were large and hazel that were surrounded with long eyelashes that had been darkened with mascara. My eyes were outlined with liquid eyeliner that I had carefully applied. I had decided against foundation to avoid the orange look that so many girls went for these days. I had chosen sparkly lippy and rose pink blusher. My tie was slung loosely around my neck and my skirt was fashionably short. My shoes were flat pumps from new look and my bag was a Superdry meassenger bag. I looked good.

"Lexi! Hurry up! It's not a fashion show, it's school!" my Mum shouted.

She didn't understand. It was a fashion show. I was gonna get judged as soon as I walked into that school so I needed to look my best.

"Whatever Mum! I'm coming. I ran down the stairs and took a last look in the mirror. I smiled.

"That's better!" I thought. "Look confident. Don't show them you're scared!"

"Let's take a look at you then," my Mum requested. She stood in front of me and looked me up and down.

"You look beautiful honey, but you don't need all that make-up!" my Mum told me.

"Yeah yeah ok. I've got to go. See ya later!" I planted a kiss on my mums cheek and left my small humble abode.



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