Alexis Walters, a teenage girl is having trouble, when it comes to sleeping. But what's causing it?


1. My First Nightmare

Running, as fast as I could. That seemed to be the reccuring theme. Tall trees stood either side of me, looking down at my petrified body. I couldn't stop, I mean physically couldn't stop myself. My legs were like mechanic clockwork, constantly going backwards and forward, forcing me to keep going. What was I running away from? I turned my heavy head and looked over my shoulder. No one, nothing, just darkness. As soon as the trees, zipping past my side had passed they vanished. Was I running away from the darkness? What's there to be afraid of, I'm not scared of the dark? Then, as I turned my head back towards the way I was going, I realised that it was not what I was running away from that was the problem, It was what I was running toward. A blue faced, dark eyed, dog like animal was standing about a hundred  yards in front of  me, and I was closing in on him. His fur was perfectly brushed, a light blue colour, slightly darker than the sky. I tried as hard as I could to stop my legs from pressuring me onward, but they were stuck in sixth gear. There was no going back. I tried to turn, to avoid the wolf. But with the tall trees either side, this was near impossible.

Then, for some reason or another, my foot started to feel soggy, not damp like the sweat you get when your running at such a high speed. But properly soggy, like I had stepped in a puddle. Then I felt a trickle down my arm. As I looked at it, I saw black ink dribbling down from my shoulder. I removed my shirt, and on both arms, there were slits deep into my shoulders. Black blood was streaming out and leaving a trail behind me, like 'Hansel and Gretel'. I didn't feel any pain though, just wet.

I turned forward again to see my progress on the wolf. We were getting very close now. Close enough almost for me to feel his warm breath on my skin. Every step didn't seem to make much distance. The trees started to shake, and move thunderously. All of a sudden, the path behind me lit up, like someone had switched a light on back there. As apposed to the solemn darkness that possessed it before, like someone had switched a light on back there. But now the trees were starting to fall into where I was running. Each tree landed with a great thud on the solid ground, and it was clear anyone who had been back there would have been crushed.

A voice started moving along side me, a woman's voice, seemingly calm but fierce at the same time. "You have a black heart" it said over and over again, echoing through the forest and repeating itself like a teacher. It was said so much it started to hurt my head. It was drilling into my brain like a screw into the wall. My blood pressure started to rise and the constant flow of black liquid kept seeping through my shoulders, but faster now. A stronger current.

The voice died away just as I was about to hit the wolf. I closed my eyes and let myself get carried into the furry beast. I was expecting some sort of collision. But I felt nothing, as if the wolf had just, vanished. Just as I was meant to collide into the beast, I awoke.

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