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~*Niall Horan fanfic*~

Bri always hated her little sister, Kristi. but one day Kristi would lead her to the love of her life, Niall Horan. But in order for their relationship to survive they must deal with the friendships, betrayal, drama, and suspense that lays ahead.

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1. Zoyo's Magic

~ Bri's P.O.V. ~

“GET OUT OF MY ROOM!” I screamed. My little sister was so annoying! She was always in the way and making a mess of things. She was so stubborn and ridiculous. I thought it wouldn't be so bad with the big age difference, but I obviously had thought wrong. Ever since Kristi turned 3 she was uncontrollable. She literally never ran out of energy. The only person I knew who could contain her energy was my older brother. But he was never around. He was 23 and had his own life to live. I didn't blame him for not coming to visit often. But I still wish he would, just to get Kristen out of my hair for a while. You would think mom would be able to at least settle her down once in a while, but no.

My mom was to busy with work and bills, and shopping to help with Kristi for long. Don't get me wrong, my mom does a lot for us, but sometimes I wish she could do more. I know it's a lot to ask especially after the divorce, but I cant help but think that way sometimes.

Even when we did see my dad, he couldn't handle Kristi either. He would ask me how we handle her and how to control her, but i cant give him an answer cause there is no answer.

At the moment, Kristi was mimicking me if i was ever to meet One Direction. She was hyperventilating and dropping to the floor 'dead'. I just rolled my eyes.

I am a BIG directioner. Me and my best friend Cynda were the ultimate fans anyone could imagine. We had tons of posters of the boys on our walls, sing at the top of our lungs when ever a One Direction song comes on, hope to go to one of their concerts, but most of all,  dream of meeting them one day. We both knew that was never going to happen. I mean what are the chances of 5 ridiculously cute boys to notice us, 2 crazed up fans that look exactly like all their other fans?

“I SAID GET OUT!” I yelled at my sister again.

“But Bri, I like your room!” She whined.

“I don’t care, Kristi, get out!” I screamed again.

“MOM BRI IS BEING MEAN TO ME!” Kristi howled. I rolled my eyes. That was always her back up. Mom. I swear for being 8 and in 3rd grade you would think that she would be more mature; wrong again.

 “Bri what are you doing to your little sister!” My mom yelled from the kitchen where she was doing the dishes.

“Nothing mom! She’s the one who is bothering me!” My mom walked into my room with dripping hands and sighed.

“Bri, why can’t you be nice to her?” She asked. She sighed again as I tried to tell her the truth.

“But mom_”  

“No buts. Take her out for ice cream to say sorry.” She turned around quickly so that I couldn’t argue.

“Of course I have to take her out for ice cream.” I muttered under my breath.

Kristi just poked her head in the door and stuck her tongue out at me. I scowled at her. I cant believe I have to take her out for ice cream. If anything she should buy ice cream for me! At least I will get a discount if I take her to Zoyo sense I work there. Me and Cynda worked there together and I swear it was funner than being home. I knew Cynda wouldn't be working today cause we had the same work hours.

I looked down at the pajamas I was wearing. If I was going out in public I couldn’t wear this. I put on some skinny jeans and my new One Direction shirt that Cynda had given me as a random present. I still had to repay her, I just didn’t know how yet. I threw on some tan flats and called it good.

“Come on.” I said to Kristi as I walked out of my room. I opened the front door and she skipped outside and waited for me to unlock the car. I rolled my eyes and took out the keys. I had an old blue truck that was rusty. It used to be my brothers and I hated it. As soon as I got the money I would buy a new car.

I unlocked the car and we got in and drove to Zoyo. I blasted the music and sang aloud because I knew that my sister hated it. She started screaming at me to turn it down. Then a familiar tune came on and I instantly smiled at my sister. “O no.” she muttered and I only smiled brighter as I turned the volume up even more.

She prepared herself for the first line of the song by covering her ears and squeezing her eyes shut. “YOU’RE INSECURE, DON’T KNOW WHAT FOR!” I started to sing at the top of my lungs purposefully making my voice crack so that it was a annoying as possible. “YOU’RE TURNING HEADS WHEN YOU WALK THROUGH THE DO-O-OR!” Kristi started screaming at me to shut up but that only made me sing louder. “EVERYONE ELSE IN THE ROOM CAN SEE IT, EVERYONE ELSE BUT YOU-U!” I kept singing even after we had parked at Zoyo. “BABY YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE!”

By now Kristi had gotten out of the car and was running into Zoyo screaming her head off with her hands over her ears. I ran in after Kristi trying to get her to calm down before she attracted too much attention. I ran through the doors and saw Kristi on the other side of the building. With a devilish smile on her face and I wondered what she was up to. I walked up to her and tried to tell her to stop behaving like a 2 year old. She just turned around and tapped the man who was behind her. As he turned around Kristi ducked and the man tripped over her. His ice cream went flying, directly in my face.

“I am so sorry!” An Irish accent apologized. Kristi just rolled on the ground laughing, obviously pleased with her act of revenge. The ice cream dripped down my face and onto my new shirt. I looked down at the chocolate stain then looked up at the man whose ice cream it was.

 He was young, blonde, and handsome. I looked into his blue eyes and instantly new who it was. IT WAS NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION! It took all my energy not to go all fan girl and start freaking out. He quickly got a napkin and started wiping it off my shirt and handed me some to get my face. “I am really sorry!”  He said again in his cute accent. “I will buy you a new shirt if you like?”

“No I’m fine.” I say blushing.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah I’ll be fine.” Kristi had finally stopped laughing and had stood up to join us. I wanted to strangle her so bad.

“May I ask you your name?” Niall asked.

“It’s Bri.” I smiled back.

“And who is this?” he asked, looking at Kristi.

“I’m Kristi! I am Bri’s sister!” She told him. He laughed.

“Well it’s nice to meet you. My name is Ni_”

“Ya ya, we all know who you are!” Kristi rolled her eyes.

“You do?” Niall asked. I closed my eyes. She wouldn’t.

“Ya sure, you’re all over my sister’s wall. What was your name again? O ya, Niall.” Kristi said casually as if she hadn’t just humiliated me in front of freakin NIALL HORAN! I thought I wanted to strangle her before! Now I was really mad.

Niall started laughing. “So I see you like One Direction.”

“Umm, ya” I looked down at my shirt, embarrassed.

“Cheer up, love!” He told me. I looked back up at him and smiled. “Since you love One Direction, and I owe you for ruining your shirt, May I have your number so I can introduce you to the lads sometime?” He looked kinda nervous and shy all of a sudden.

“Umm, ya sure.” I reply. OMG! Niall freakin Horan just asked for my number! Keep calm; don’t go all fan girl now.

I wrote down my number on a napkin and handed it to him. He smiled shyly back and gave me his number. “I guess I’ll talk to you later then?”

“Ya.” I replied. Gosh real clever reply, Bri. I scolded myself.

“Bye Bri.” He turned around and left the store. I bought me and Kristi ice cream and then got back in the car. That was when I went all fan girl. Who knew that Zoyo's was magical.

~ Niall’s P.O.V. ~

Wow, she was so beautiful. When I tripped over that little girl and my ice cream went flying in her face, I felt like I had done a crime. The way her brown hair tumbled down her shoulders and her brilliant blue eyes looked into mine. She was just so perfect! I offered to buy her a new shirt but she refused. I felt so bad. I had to do something to say sorry.

Instead I found out her name. Great. How was that supposed to help me say sorry. I introduced myself any way but apparently she already knew who I was, according to her outgoing little sister.  Well, what did you think, you dummy! You’re world famous! Of course she knows who you are!

As I sat in the taxi, I thought about what had just happened. At least in the end I got her number. The lads did say that Zoyo's ice cream was so good, it was magical.



*for all of you who don't know what Zoyo's is, it's a really good frozen yogurt/ice cream place

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