your the only one [liam payne]

when 17 year old sammantha johns moved out of her parents house and on to her own. she met 5 unbalevable boys and fell in love with one of them. who could these 5 boys be.


5. Our big date

Sammy's P.O.V. (next night) I am so excited for my first date with Liam I say to Harry who is helping me get ready he is excited to he really likes you he says (ok let me get this straight Harry is helping me because of my broken elbow and the other boys are helping Liam set up dinner) we finish geting me ready and just sit there silently untill Zayn comes in to escort me to Liam. Hello Liam I say hi Samantha he says why are you useing my real name I say to him Because I love your name he says taking my hand and leading my over to a picnic on the beach. Liam's P.O.V. We sit down and I kiss her lightly on the forehead our date was wonderful and we spent most of it laughing and kissing. I carried her to her bed and layed her down in her bed and she fell asleep as I held her in my arms.
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