your the only one [liam payne]

when 17 year old sammantha johns moved out of her parents house and on to her own. she met 5 unbalevable boys and fell in love with one of them. who could these 5 boys be.


7. a specail little visitor

Liams P.O.V. Bye bye I say as they wheel her to the operating room. I pull out my phone and go on twitter and read, @plasticbeiber: I heard @real_liam_ payne was in a crash, hope he doesn't make it, @real_liam_payne: I didnt get hurt and my love is in the hopital and not make it so dont go there @plasticbeiber, @plasticbeiber ohh im not sorry, hope she dont make it and why dont you go with her. At this part i was done, I throgh my phone to see Harry carying lux. "uncle wiam" she says jumping into my arms, she calls my wiam because she cant say L's yet, "lux i missed you" i say kissng her. lux, harry, zayn, louis, niall, and i sat ther talking till a nurse came out 'sammantha johns" "thats us" we all say sttanding up "shes out of surery and you can go in to see her, she may be a little loopy and be carful with her leg, also we have to keep her tonight but can go home tomorow" she says as i follow zayn into the recovery room. 'sammy" i say running to her bed side after handing lux to louis "hi liam" she says laughing a bit "hey why are you laughing at me" i say kissing her nose "your so excited to see me did yo think i wouldn't make it" " i just love you, boys will you leave us alone for a moment please" i say they leave "I love you too and not just because you're famous" " how do you know im famus" "you dont think i hear the skreaming fans outside when i wake up and how could i not know liam payne from one direction loves me" she says and leans in to kiss me, i meet her half way and we probaly kissed for aleast a mitute "uncle Wiam" lux says opening the door and interupting us "no lux" I hear niall saying "no niall its ok, come here lux" I say getting lux and placing her on sammys bed being careful of her leg "wiam, really" she says "ys lux cant say L's yet so im wiam for now" i say back as lux jumps off her bed and runs out the door "and shes gone" i say making sammy laugh "you have a beautiful laugh, scratch that your just beauiful" I say to her "no im not beautiful" she says "no your beautiful no matter what, in fact will you go out with me" i say pleading "of course i will i love you" she says and then kisses me.

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