Child's Play

It's nothing to do with the movie Childs Play.

Isla Giusti is a normal girl. With a normal childhood. Or so it seems....

First book in "Her Life" series.


1. Isla.

“Close your eyes.” My eyes close. My heart starts pounding. I feel dizzy. I feel something on my cheek. It’s cold. I feel a sharp stab of pain. I open my eyes in a fit of panic. I press my fingers to my cheek. I pull them away. Blood stains my fingers. I scream out for my parents.

“Isla, sweetie, shh, it’s ok. We’re here.” I sit up. I’m covered in sweat. My mother hugs me, she holds me tight. “It was just a nightmare.” I describe my dream to my mum. She tells me it was just a dream. But then she turns to my father. “She’s ten. She shouldn’t be having dreams like this. There very... Graphic.” She says.

“It’s just things she hears at school, playing in her mind.” My father says coolly. “She did say the other day they did dissection.”

“She’s ten! Why on Earth are they teaching her dissection?” My mother replies.

“Mummy, can Scruff sleep in my room tonight?” She turns back to me, her face red with anger, changes shade by shade to her cool pale skin colour.

“Sure you can. I’ll go get him.” My mum leaves the room. My dad comes and sits next to me. His beer belly is getting smaller. Slowly.

“Ignore your mother. She’s just jealous she never had a school life.” I laugh.

“Daddy, what’s mummy’s old last name?” My dad blushes.

“Gasconi. But forget that, it doesn’t matter.”

“Did she have any brother’s or sister’s?”

“Isla, I said forget it.”

“Please tell me!”

“Oh alright, her parents are Italian. She has two brothers who are plumbers and she ran away with me and married me. That’s all I know. Oh and we had you.” He smiles at the last bit. Scruff barks. My dad stands up and picks Scruff up. There was a time where he was a skinny little puppy. That was the week before I was born. Now he’s a fat old lazy ball of fluff. He curls up next to me and soon starts snoring. I wrap my arms around him and drift of into a sleep.

I wake to the sound of a car horn. Then a heavy knock on the door.

“Mummy! Mummy someone’s at the door!” I yell. I run out of my room and through to the landing. I trip over Scruff. “Ouch Scruff! You’re so lazy.” I heave him out of the way and run to my parents room. I push open the door. They are asleep. My daddy’s alarm is about to go off. I run and jump onto the bed.

“Isla. You are a little monkey, you know that?” My father says.

“Yep. That’s me! Mummy, someone’s at the door.” She sits up instantly. She runs to her wardrobe and changes. I cover my eyes. She runs out of the room and down the stairs. “Daddy, the van says: Gasconi Brothers Plumbing Inc. On it, is it mummy’s brothers?” My dad’s expression changes.

“Isla, stay here.” He jumps up and runs downstairs. “Natalie? Natalie, where are you?” I hear my father shout. Natalie? That’s my mummy’s name. I run downstairs. “Isla! I told you to stay upstairs!”

“Where’s mummy? And where’s the Plumbers?”

“Isla go inside and call 999.”

“But why?”

“Isla go! Tell them you need the police immediately.” I run inside to the phone. I dial 999.

“Hello, how can I help you?”

“My daddy said to ask for the police because my mummy just got taken.”

“Where do you live?”

“Number 79, Chestnut Grove.”

“We’ll send someone right away. Don’t panic and go and stay with your father.” She hangs up and I run to my dad.

“They’re on they’re way. Daddy, where’s mummy? Is she coming back?”

“I don’t know Isla. I really don’t know.” He holds me tight. The police arrive. They ask my daddy questions. Then they ask me.

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