Child's Play

It's nothing to do with the movie Childs Play.

Isla Giusti is a normal girl. With a normal childhood. Or so it seems....

First book in "Her Life" series.


3. Chapter 3.

“Happy Birthday Isla!” My parents say. I sit up and there’s a chocolate cake in front of me. I smile. My parents are looking at me smiling. My father winks- He must have a surprise for me. The chocolate cake has a rainbow coloured candle on it. 11. I’m finally 11. I wonder if Chrissie will be round at some point.

“Make a wish.” My father says. I blow the candle. I wish Chrissie will stay my best friend. My dad pulls out a knife and cuts a slice of the cake, he hands it to me. I eat it, it tastes lovely. It has a gooey chocolate centre. “Get dressed and come downstairs. Ok?” I nod, he smiles and leaves. I get myself dressed and wash the chocolate from around my mouth. I run downstairs. Our stairs are hidden; they’re in the back room. We have a landing but there are no stairs attached to it. I love it. I slide down the banister and walk into the living room. There’s no one there. I turn on the light; my family and Chrissie jump up and shout ‘surprise’. I laugh, because Chrissie is wearing nothing but yellow.
“Happy Birthday, Princess.” I run to my parents and give them a hug each. They take me to a pile of presents. Something in the corner moves. I step back, hoping it was just imagination. I hear a bark. It sounds familiar.

“What was that?” I ask.

“Don’t be mad, Isla.” Chrissie begins. “But, well, you see, the thing is, we found him in our front garden so we gave him a check up and he’s perfectly fine but I wanted to save telling you until your birthday!” She exclaims.

“Who?” I’m curious. Just then Chrissie’s father walks away from the corner of the room and Scruff runs up to me. “Scruff!” I shout and run to hug him. I give Chrissie and her parents a hug.

We ate cake, played party games, danced around and messed about. It was the best birthday ever.

I show my parents the last line in today’s diary entry. They smile, kiss me goodnight and go to bed. I close my eyes.

BANG! I sit up. There’s silence throughout the house. I lay back down again. BANG! I sit up again, this time Scruff wakes up from his sleep. A shadow of a man comes up the stairs. Scruff runs off and I hide in my bed. The figure heads to my parents room. Two others follow. One however, walks into my room. I stay as still and as quiet as I can. The man pulls off my blanket. He grabs my arm and I scream. He drags me towards my parents’ room. They are tied up. He ties me to a chair.

“Let her go. She doesn’t need to see this.” My father says.

“Shut up.” A man hits my father.

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