Her life: Childs Play

Crime scene investigator/ police man Jacob (Jake) is having a normal day in the lab.
until he is given the ID file of a prolific torturer/murderer, life will never be completely normal again...


4. Entering Hell.

I stand there for a second then I call the other team who usually listen to me before I go over to the front of the house. It's a nice looking house, I press my face to one of the windows and look in, it looks as though some one had been doing a puzzle but had given up halfway through. I stand back a bit and walk to the front door, no sign of a forced entry. I stay where i am and pull out my phone, while I'm looking at the screen I feel something drip on my shoulder. I look at my shoulder and there is a small patch of slightly congeled blood, I look up and see that it's dripping off the windowsill of the front room upstairs. I take a step back and get a better look at the window, there is something smeared on it but I can't tell what.

I walk back to the car and radio the team again.

"Where are you?" I wait for a response but as I look up I see their cars pulling in. I put the radio back and when I look back up I see that boss is there too.

 I walk to him and explain what I have seen and noticed so far. Eventually I walk up to the house with my team behind me. I start looking for a way in but find nothing. Boss goes back to his car and pulls out the radio from the seat, he is talking to someone in communication trying to get back-up. I find a large stone and a brick lying on the pavement next to the road, I pick them up and begin to weigh them in my hands. Boss is saying something about how we need to wait for him to call back-up before going in.

"Are you listening Jake?" He is looking at me a little confused, he is probably trying to figure out what I'm doing.

"Oh what no... sorry." I don't even look at him while saying this, he is still watching me puzzled.

"What on earth are you doing?" I look up at this point.

"Huh? Oh I'm just trying to figure something out" Boss turns away and goes back to the radio. I go back to weighing up the brick and stone before choosing the brick.

“Seriously Jake what are you doing” This time the whole team have turned to look at me as I walk over to the side gate. I raise the brick and just as I bring it down I stop mid swing and look at them.

“I’m improvising sir” With that I strike the lock as hard as I can and shove the gate hard. It opens. I smile.

“Well done then Jake” Boss looks shocked but still congratulates my idea.

“Cheers boss, I was bored of waiting. You know me” I laugh and walk through the gate.

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