Poké Summer

a poem with similes including Pokemon for the poetry contest. Sorry for any spelling mistakes :) Also i might have thought that some Pokemon rhyme... when they don't so sorry for that. Apart from that enjoy! :D


1. Poké Summer

Poké Summer

A summers day so faraway,

Just a few short weeks past may.

A little further beyond the brae,

You were as charming as a Clefairy.


Our laughter filled the silent air,

It seemed as rare as Mew's sacred lair.

As you sipped from your anime cup,

You looked as cute as a young Piplup.


Even after all these years,

Filled with the occasional spill of tears,

I still remember back to that one summers day,

When you healed my spirit like Nurse Joy's Chansey.


As faithful as a Pikachu,

Yet as rare as an elusive Mew,

You're as innocent as a small Buneary,

With the elegance of a fair Dratini.


Just short poem to tell you: I choose you,

Because without you i'd walk around stunned like an aimless chinchou,

So if i ask you to be my deerling,

And promise not to moan and cry like a chingling,

Would you say yes?

'Cause we can always tell what eachothers thinking like a solosis,

Lets stay with eachother forever,

Maybe even runaway together,

Possibly on a rapidash,

And stick together,

Like Pikachu... and Ash.







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