Is This Truly Happening?

Kloey goes to stay at her Aunt Lala's house all summer and isn't very happy but once she arrives her aunt has to leave for the whole SUMMER and once her aunt leaves her summer get a REAL kick!


20. Time to Talk

Niall's POV:

 I have put it off for way too long! Kloey needs to know. And I need to know if she is okay telling the boys. If neither of us want to tell them, I will have to do it, be the "Man" you could say. Although she took 6 years of kickboxing and she could beat me up if she wanted to... I need to go to the gym, after we- I tell the boys tonight!


Kloey's POV:

 Niall might really want the boys to stay, but the truth is we need alone time! They can come over during the day, but at night, it should be just the two of us! Not the 6 of us and watching "Toy Story" EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! I really have got to tell him, tonight.


 It was around 7:30 and I decided to steal Niall away for a moment.

"Niall I love you, and the boys its just we aren't getting any time together! And its really not cool that me and you are 19 and we've watched toy story over 47 times! I still would love for them to come over sometimes during the day, but we need nights together... if your getting what I'm saying?"


Niall's POV:

Wow... she is saying exactly what I wanted to! This is great! I am so happy!

But we still have to tell the boys...




"Kloey, that is exactly what I wanted to say to you! We need alone time! But how do we tell the boys?"

"Exactly what I was wondering...  let's just come out straight forward! It might work better than any other strategies, maybe.."

Time. To. Talk.

 Kloey's POV:

"Hey lads? Kloey and I would like to, um, speak with you."   Niall nervously stated.

"Anything guys whatcha need?" Liam says completely shielded from what was about to happen.

"Well, guys we would really like it if you guys went back to your apartments. We want you to visit as much as you like, but at night we need, um,  alone time so is that, like, alright?" I ask VERY nervous.

"Wow that is what we wanted to do actually! We all kinda miss being in our own beds... instead of in a pallet on the ground." Zayn says perfectly happy.


 The next day we all help to pack their stuff up. We said our goodbyes and planned our next visit.

 It wasn't as hard as I though it would have been.

 At least they weren't angry about it. But I really will miss them being here.

 A lot.

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