Through the tears

Tessalyn was a normal girl untill her summer in London started


1. The plane ride

Tessalyn P.O.V. I woke up to my little sister Beth jumping on me. Beth shouted in my ear " wake up it's time to get ready to go" I suddenly sat up and remembered I had to leave for London at 6 A.M. It was 5:30 and it would take 10 minutes to drive to the airport. I got up quickly got in the shower I put my one direction t shurt ( maybe I would see them anyways I'm in London) and my skinny jeans, I put my long crimpy brown hair in a low ponytail. On our way to the airport up all night came on the radio and I sung along when I got on the plane and fell asleep. I was asleep the whole time. When I got off I saw someone pushing an other person in a suitcase " out of the way the one push the suitcase said but I didnt move in time and got pushed over the one on the suitcase jumped off and came to help me. He held his hand out and I figured out who he was I tried not to scream. Yo-your Louis Tomlinson I whispered ya I am he whispered back and that's Liam Payne he said pointing to a man standing there looking at me. Louis helped me up and lead me over to Liam. Hello who is this Liam said I don't achuwaly don't know Louis replyed ( sorry about my spelling) my name is Tessalyn but you can call me Tessa I said to them. Oh Tessa are you ok Liam asked sorry we ran into you. That's ok I said looking at Liam and I couldn't help myself but I started to laugh I don't know why.
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