Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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21. Your worst nightmare

A couple weeks later

Kiran pov
It's November now, it's been a whole possibly two months since we met the boys. I still can't believe they are still friends with us cuz to be honest it's been a wacko time with us. After the whole break up anoop and i both did't talk or text them in while. Anyways I still can't get that kiss with zayn and how I broke up with him without giving him a chance to tell me why he was snogging perrie. I can't get that imagine out of my head. I thought he liked me, but I was proven wrong. Still I am not upset cuz I am not like that, I know I can find a guy better than him and I will. I continued playing on my laptop, then went on twitter. Anoop came in and jumped next to me on the couch and asked " wadup kiwi anything new on twitter ?" " nope just Same old news about my break up with Zayn, apparently the news spreads fast theses days." I started scrolling down my news feed until anoop asked if we could she whats trending and has-tags. I dunno why but she finds it funny looking at them. I gave her the laptop and went to get a drink and make some pizza pops. " KIWI GUESS WHAT IS TRENDING ON TWITTER ?!" anoop yelled, " WHAT!?!" " ZARIN!, KIRAN AND  ZAYN PLEASE GET BACK TOGETHER!!  AND ALL THAT KINDA THINGS ABOUT U TWO!!!!" wait what? I did a quick spit take then ran to see myself. It's true the fans want us together, " I still can't believe this." but it was true. " see I told u, u two should talk it out but nooooo" anoop said and I smacked te back of her head. " ow, that's not nice." she pouted. My phone rang and the caller ID was Liam.  Anoop picked it up. " hello, yeh I saw it's all over twitter, yep, yeh, k , Ikr it's been along time since I talk to u! So how's everyone ? Ohh and yeh, byee!"  " gosh that took a while but what do they want?" I asked. " oh um they want us to come over cause apparently management wants to talk to ALL of us and zayn really misses u." " ohh ok" is all I had to say. I quickly Changed into more casual clothes ( jeans & areo shirt with a leather jacket ) and anoop changed into shorts ( crazy girl she never gets cold!) and a long sleeve shirt. We both headed out to the boys house.

Zayn  pov
The kiss kept coming into my mind, how did she not feel anything? Anyways management called us all in for a meeting. They even want Kiran and Anoop present, I wonder why. I got ready since its like 12 in the afternoon, I went downstairs to see all the boys ready and watching tv, and even Kiran and Anoop were over. " um should we go to the meeting?" I asked. They all nodded and we got out and sat in the van. Louis was driving, Harry called shotgun, me and Kiran were sitting behind them, and Niall wanted to sit at the back just not alone so Anoop sat next to him. The ride was really awkward, I mean Kiran just looked out the window and didn't say a word. Everyone else was talking except me and her. " good weather were having yea?" I asked her, gosh I am so stupid that was the best conversation starter that I could come up with? " um...yeah...sure" she replied with a look of confusion on her face. " listen Kiran why can't we just act normally instead of making this awkward?" I asked her while lifting her hand of her thigh and holding it. " excuse me, but I am not the one who went out and made out with my ex" she said while raising her voice slightly. " i am not the one who slept with another guy" I shot back. " look, me and Niall are just friends he's like my bro, so let it go, and us were done, I DO NOT want anything to do with u" she said but gladly no one heard our conversation.

Nialls pov
We got to the meeting on time and Simon had us sit down. " ok so here I go" started Simon. " paparazzi got pictures of Anoop and Niall entering the club together and his arms around her waist, so for the publicity we need h to to go out and be a couple" he finished. Me and Anoop burst out laughing, ahah that was a good one, I looked over to everyone but they all had serious looks on there faces. " wait ur serious?!" Asked Anoop, and Simon nodded. He asked me and Anoop to leave so we could discuss it. I followed Anoop out, and could feel Harry's eyes on my back the entire time. " uh so?" I rubbed the back of my neck, " management always gets what they want" I told her. " then we have no choice we have to fake date, but for real ur my buddy ok?" I nodded, " friends forever no matter wat happens?" I said while looking her in the eyes and she nodded and we hugged. We walked back inside and told Simon our decision and h seemed happy. " ok next thing is zayn u have to chose a girl, either Pierre or Kiran? The fans are getting confused cuz they are seeing pictures of u and Kiran and of u and Pierre, we don't want them to think u are cheating so make ur pick, WAIT I'm u know what u have to date Pierre." Is what Simon told zayn.

Zayns pov
" sorry Simon no can do, I choose Kiran" and I looked over to her but she just rolled her eyes. " zayn u have to date Pierre since she is a singer and the fans have known her loner they would believe j two connect more" ugh god Simon what doesn't he get. " but I like Kiran not Pierre" I exclaimed. " zayn u date Pierre or ur career will drop" oh great. " he'll eat Pierre, besides its not like I wanna date him, u guys didn't even gives a say, but no Simon zayn will date Pierre" said Kiran. What the actual fuck I love her but she wants me to be with Pierre?!

Kirans pov
It broke my heart to say that but he could loose all his fans just because of me, and h has worked for this for so long. I'm only doing this for zayn. He didn't have a choice so he agreed, and we all left the building. Paparoze where already surrounding the building and anoop and Niall got into character. They were actually pretty good being all couply and stealing kisses from each other. It kinda reminded me of zayn and how he snuggles his neck on my shoulders. Grr how do I really miss him, but it's over he's with perrie. " Kiran are't u coming with us ?" Louis asked. I needed time to think and just be alone for a while so I said " um Louis don't worry I'll be home soon am just gonna go for a little walk. See u home." with that I went into the crowd and started walking further away from the boys and zayn.

Louis pov
Gosh Kiran is really hurt about this whole break up thing. As she started to get out of sight zayn came beside me and let out a loud sigh. " mate u believe me that I did't kiss perrie do u?" zayn asked. " I honestly don't know but I think u should try and talk with her, she headed that way" I told him while pointing to the direction I last saw her. He sprinted after her.

Kiran pov
I have been walking for about 38 mins and I still can't clear my head properly. Since I was in deep thought I forgot where I was going and Decided to head down the alley. Maybe it's a quick short cut to the park but it looks so dangerous. Oh well my curiosity took over and I started walking down the alley. There were alot of noises coming from every corner, cats meowing, dogs barkin, screaming, I wonder why? And lots of cool graffiti. I saw some light near the end of the alley but it was to far. While I was walking I felt a weird presence behind me so ever so often I would look back but no one was there. I stopped  at a  fence and begun to climb. I was half way up when I felt a hand grab my leg and pull me down. My jeans ripped to about my thigh and I looked up to see that face again. Those icey blue eyes brought back so many good and bad memories. The man twisted my hands behind my back and pushed my stomach against the fence which made me flinch and sent a pain straight up my arms and face as the fence cut my cheek.  He laughed a gruesome laugh that sent shivers down my spine. " Why are... You here... I thought u were in jail...?" my breath started to pick up. With his free hand he slowly started to trace small circles on my leg. I hate his touch, I tried moving away but it was no use. " I asked why are u here Jake?!" he moved his lips near my ear and nibbled on it then said " don't you miss me Kiran, the fun times we had, I know I miss u and my jail Time is up so am a free man now and I want u back in my life... Also anoop to, she seemed to be a pretty good toy but to bad u stopped me before I could even play with her.. That was a bad idea.."

Jakes pov
" leave me alone.... "  I ignored what she said and started to trace circles on her thigh again. Its been along time. " Kiran do u know how hard it was to find u, it became easy once u started datin that boy zayn. Heard u broke up, great now u can get back with me. Did u tell them about me,?" " no.. Ow... Stop..."  I pushed her face more into the fence and saw blood drip on the ground. Revenge was sweet, I still need to somehow take her clothes off and then get that toy anoop to. Kiran slosh seemed to give in. I guess with the lack of blood she was quickly losing. " come on Kiran take off ur jacket for me" I pulled it off and started removing her shirt but she would't let me. I twisted her arms more and kicked her ribs but she would't give in. After I pushed her into the fence abit more she gave in. I was satisfied, I slowly lifted her shirt up. But was stoped when a hard punch out of no where hit my face and I fell toward the ground. Losing my grip on kiran. I looked up to see who it was but the light was way to bright to bring out the persons features . I received another punch to the face and one to my stomach. " WHO THE HELL ARE U?!" I asked and the voice replied " ur worst night mare...."

We dont hate Pierre its just that we needed someone who dated Zayn before and we used her, but we dont hate her!!! We dont hate Caroline either, again we just needed people you guys knew.

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