Our Wacko Life

This book is about two girls who aren't considered the biggest fans of one direction, but one little mishap leads them to be friends. Though will the friendship continue with the boys or will the girls fall for two of the members. These girls' crazy lives with the boys lead to love and hate and even death in the end, but only when things go haywire, and after the death will they all stay friends, will they all stay a band, or will everyone go their own way? Read more about this fan fiction, and follow the girls in there journey with they boys.
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23. forgive me?

Anoops pov
Hmmm. What time is it? I felt a pair of arms around my waist, and I looked over and saw Harry. " HAROLD WAKE UP!" I yelled very loudly while shaking him. " what?! Is the house on fire?" He said. " no dumbshit lemme go" I replied. I looked down to his arms, and blushed a deep red and let go. I went up the stairs and went into the guest room where Kiran was sleeping. "WAKE UP, SHAKE UR BOOTY, WAKE UP SHAKE UR BOOTY" I sang. " she was still somewat asleep but ended up accidentally slapping me. " whoops sorry Anoop, but u know better to not wake me up." She said. She got up and headed downstairs into the kitchen and we saw all the boys already there, making themselves breakfast. " so chef styles wat we got here" I asked him while poking his ribs, I looked down at me and I saw his eyes sparkle. They were so mesmerizing, I completely got lost in his eyes. "ANOOP HARRY STOP STARTING AT EACH OTHER LIKE THAT!! I WANT MY FOOD!" Yelled Kiran. Oh shit I looked over at everyone chuckling, and I could feel my cheeks heat up. " we weren't starting at each other" me and Harry said together real quick. " hey man never knew you could get so mad over food?" Asked Niall to Kiran. " we'll I'm normally not, but SOMEONE decided to attack me while I was sleeping" she said while glaring at me. Hehe she can't stay mad at me forever. I swear I could see zayn checking Kiran out, from th corner of my eye. Aww he really liked her, but she didn't look so hot I mean, she was wearing a big striped shirt that can just above her knees, we both don't like to wear pants, and her hair was in a messy bun. I'm guessing Louis lent her some clothes, since hers were torn.

Louis pov
Last night after Kiran came home, I used my doctor skills and cleaned up her blood, and got her changed into my clothes. My little sis looked terrible, I got her to tell me the whole sorry and she didn't refuse. Gosh I wanted to kill that jake guy so bad, but good thing he will be in jail forever. I told Kiran that she could sleep in the guest room, and gave Anoop another guest room. Yea we have lots of rooms in this house. In the morning kiran looked so cranky, but as soon as she saw the pancakes Harry made, her fav lit up. "Haha" I started laughing, " why are u laughing?" Asked Harry, " I just find it funny how Kiran looks like me, but in female version" and soon enough everyone burst out laughing.

2 hours later

Liam's pov
We were all getting ready because we have a rehearsal and then the concert right after. The girls went to their place to get ready and they were gunna meet us at the arena at rehearsal. I came down from the bathroom to see all the boys sitting i the couch watching tv, I got my keys " hey guys I think we should go" I told them and they got up and we headed off. After a couple songs it was close to 6pm and we still had to get ready. We took the girls to the dressing room with us either could just sit and relax, and we all got our hair and outfits done. Of course zayn's stylist took the longest because he wanted his hair to be perfect.

Zayns pov
I have never been so nervous in my life, what if she doesn't forgive me, what if she hates me? Oh and for the recording saying that Pierre kissed me, we'll Anoop helped me get it this morning, while Kiran went home to get ready.

I was hiding behind the bushes and saw Anoop walk up the the front porch of Pierre's house. " hey Pierre I came here to say back off of zayn he belongs with Kiran" she te her. " listen u bitch I don't like zayn I like his money, and when Kiran came home the other day I head the door click so I kissed him, so she would dump him. She was getti g in the way, I love his money not him" she told Anoop. "Oh ok" anoops said and came back. We had the recording be seriously Pierre is so stupid she told Anoop everything.

Flashback over

It hurts though, she never liked me. Even before when we were dating, she used me for my money and fame. "You boys will be on in five" said our stylists. I got up and so did the other boys and we were heading out on stage. Kiran and Anoop took their seats in the very front row. Perfect spot so I can bring her on stage. I walked into the stage and heard all the screaming girls, I thought I wud have gotten used to it, but no. We sang a couple songs and I tried not to sweat cause of Kiran, but its hard. We just finished singing 'Heart Attack' now next is 'Gotta Be You'. This is the sky I am going to sing to her. Liam started his part, and the the song continued. I finally came to my part and I slowly walked over to her, and decided to bring her onstage after the song. I held her hand and she was already standing up like every other fan. As I sang the lyrics we looked into each others eyes, and I could see years forming on the rim of her eyes. After my part we just stood there looking at each other intensely. The song finished and I pulled her up on stage. " god zayn what the hell are you doing? I don't wanna go up there?" She kept whisper/yelling in my ear. I didn't listen, when we were up there the other boys were behind us, and I spun around so I was facing her. I signalled the fans to quiet down and they did. " listen Kiran, I know these past couple of weeks have been terrible, but let me explain myself. Please" I begged her while looking her In the eyes. She just gave me a nod. " I never purposely kissed Pierre she just pulled me as soon as you walked through the door" I said. " zayn I want to believe u but after the whole Jake thing I'm afraid. Afraid that if I trust someone they will betray me, afraid that if I love someone I will lose them. Stuff like that always happens to me. How do I know your no lying?" She said with tears in her eyes, I wiped them away with my thumb. I pulled out the tape recorder from my pocket and played it. " babe just listen to it" I told her. And she did, once she head more then half of it her eyes went wide. " so do u believe me now, I really do love u and I can not live a day without u in my arms. Your everything to me and I love u. Please tell me u forgive me." I stared into her brown eyes and waited for her answer... 

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