I Wish

Alex Styles was adopted by The Styles when she was 10. But when Harry goes to the X-factor and is put in One Direction, She's finally found a reason to smile. Or has she?


25. I know we fight, but will you still love me

*Alexs POV*


We arrived at a resturaunt/club and I was relieved to see that the place wasn't rented out. Once we got inside, where seated and ordered we got up and went to the dance floor.

Dani, El and I stayed together while the boys went off somewhere. While I was dancing some guys started grinding on me

"What's your name" one of them asked

"Why does it matter to you?"

"Oh a British and feisty one Micheal" one said to the other

"I'm Damien" said the same one

"No one cares" I yelled over the music

"What's a fine lady like you doing here all alone" The one I knew as Micheal Asked

I was about to say something when i felt a strong grip around me.

"Actually she's not" a thick Irish accent said.

"Awee, that's cute what did he do I get you." Damien asked

"He's a gentleman, something you should work on" I smirked

They laughed "That piece of shit hasn't got a thing on me" Damien said back

"Really? Because I'm at least 100% sure that he actually knows how to get a girl that's not half drunk"

I guess Damien was mad because he took a punch at me, but I kicked him.

"What you didn't have a good come back so you thought you'd fight me instead?" I mocked

"You filthy whore" Micheal said.

Before he had a chance I took a swing at him. And he fell to the ground by now the music had stopped and people where crowded around. Before I could do anything Harry grabbed me, and Liam gabbed Niall. They took us out the back door.

"What the hell?!" Harry shouted

"Yeah seriously!" Niall yelled

"Seriously what? They where hitting on me and tried to start a fight, why the hell wouldn't I do what I just did!?" I yelled back

"Why didn't you let me Handle it?!" Niall yelled back

"Because I could!" I said taking off my shoes, and walking away.

"Where are you going?!" Harry yelled

"Back to my bus!" I yelled back "that's for this wonderful birthday" I said sarcastically.

I don't know when I started running but within about 5 minutes I was back at the busses. I went straight it and slammed the door. I was mad. Mad wasn't even the word. I was pissed. After about 10 minutes of being alone I heard yelling outside. Then it stopped and Zayn walked in.

"Hey" he smiled weekly

"Hi." I said back. Zayn was my Bestfriend, so i couldnt ignore him.

"I think what you did was fine. So does everyone but niall and Harry."

"And what's wrong with it? I was defending myself!" I said trying not to cry

"Shhh. Alex. It's okay. Harry's just mad because he didn't want you to be in danger. And Niall, well he just thought he should have done something." He finished

"He didn't have to." I muttered "I can Handle myself."

"We all know that, we just don't want to believe it because we don't want you to always be strong. We want you to need help." He smiled.

I looked into his eyes and I could tell he really met it. He started leaning in. Is this really happening? I pulled away.

"Zayn " I whispered

"Alex, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have-"

"Why?" I asked

"Because I love you. I've loved you since the day I first met you. " he said.

"Zayn. If I wasn't with Niall.." I trailed off

"It's okay. I just want whatever makes you happy." He gave a weak smile. "L-let's go back outside, you still have presents to open"

We both got up and walked over to the other bus. Suddenly everything was awkward. I was in a room with my boyfriend, for who all I know is still mad at me, my brother who's also mad at me, 5 people who aren't mad at me, and one happens to be my bestfriend who likes me apparently.

"Alright let's open some presents!" Liam said, handing me his first I opened it and found a pair of earrings

"Liam, I love them. Thank you" I said hugging him.

"Your welcome love" he smiled

"Here's ours, we split it" el said handing over hers and Louis. I opened a box the find a set of pajamas. Two actually one said " Up All Night" all over it and the other was grey sweatpants and a poll tank top that said "Kiss me, Im Irish today"

"Thanks. I love them" I smiled going over to group hug them.

"I guess I'm next!" Dani smiled handing me a bag.

I looked inside "You didnt" I smiled

"I did" she laughed back

"Does El know?" I giggled

"Yep" El said. We all started laughing

"What is it?!" Louis asked

"You dont need to know"  I smiled. I would have told him but it was lingere, and with niall being mad at me it would be awkward.

"Here" Zayn said handing me a box

"Thanks" I muttered, trying not to be awkward, even though it wasnt working.

I slowly opened it and found a "finish this book" and "wreck this journal"

"Thank you so much" I went over and hugged him.

"No problem"He said half-heartedly

"We'll talk later" I whispered

I sat back down. I knew Harry and Niall had gotten me something but it was really awkward sitting there with them being mad at me.

"I'll be back" Niall said getting up, obviously pissed

"Sorry" Harry said.

"Its okay" I smiled

"Here" he said handing me a box

I opened it and I was really confussed. It was an old blanket

"Harry, not to be mean, i love it, but what is it exactly"

He chuckled "Its your moms old blanket, mum wanted me to give it to you, so its from mum, not me"

I teared up. "Harry, this is the best birthday present ever."

"I dont know about that love, you still have some gifts coming your way." He smiled cheekily "Here" He handed me a tiny box

I opened it to find a guitar pick that said New York City on it."Thanks Harry" I hugged him.

Niall came back out and sat down, but not before handing me a box and a card. I opened the card first. I read it to myself

"Dear Alex, no. Princess

Dear Princess,

Im sorry. I shouldnt have blown up at you. It was stupid. You're strong and independant and I need to realize that. I love you so much and I never want to lose you. Please accept the gift. I just love you so much. And im sorry again. I love you so much princess. Happy 18th birthday little one <3

~Niall xoxo"

I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I ran over into Nialls arms.

"Dont cry" He said lifting my chin up with my finger and wiping the tears away from my face. "I love you" He whispered

"I love you too" I said into his shirt

"Whats in the box?!" Louis shouted, earing a hit from Eleanor.

I chuckled getting up, but still sitting on Nial's lap. I opened the box and found the most beautiful ring ever. "Niall" I gasped

"Princess please take it. You mean the world to me and I couldn't be happy with out you"

"Thank you so much" I said taking the ring out and putting it on my finger. It fix perfectly. I sat there hugging him until Louis shouted.

"Guess what I managed to get!" He said happily

"What?!" I shouted just as exited


"How?!" Niall and I said practiclly at the same time."

"You dont want to know trust me." He smiled "Niall come help me get them" He said getting up. With Niall picking me up and putting me back down to follow. I looked over at Zayn to make eye contact and as soon as I didnt he pulled away. I pulled out my phone to text him

To; Zayn<3 "Dude, look at me wtf is wrong?!"

He pulled out his phone when he felt a vibration and scoffed typing something back. Then my phones buzzed

From: Zayn<3 " 'We'll talk about it later' remember? Just have fun getting drunk with your boyfriend thats so perfect"

I felt my heart shatter. He was my bestfriend this cant be happening. I could hear him say it in a harsh voice.

"Back!" Niall said holding up 2 beers in each and with Louis following with two 6 packs. Niall came back over and gave me one.

"You okay babe?" He said kissing my cheek

"Fine!" I lied "Lets party!" I smiled holding up my beer for a cheer.


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