I hope it's gonna make you notice (8)<3



1. Practice makes perfect...

'Roosters, get your acts together, this is the biggest championship of the season and you're being messy, hit those 'T' shapes and work harder!' coach bellowed through the gym, making her way down the 15 of us stood in line. She spat once or twice too.
'Clean positions!!!' she shouted again.
I looked over to Eimer who was sighing and standing in the clean position as coach had said.
I smoothed out my practice uniform and looked down to the floor. My hands were on my thighs and i waited for my cue.
My names Chelsea. I have very blonde hair, yes very. It fits me very well actually to say I'm a very dim person. Not gonna lie. Im really loud and bubbly, and have sparkling electric blue eyes.
Eimer, one of my best friends, was a brunette with really sweet and innocent brown eyes. She was really really strange!
The music started and i tapped my foot in time with everyone else. I had a four beat solo of a simple broken 'T', high 'V', another broken 'T' and touchdown to ready. Everyone else did the same and we completed the routine with all the jumps, moves, lifts and cradle, finishing with a neat and tidy pyramid. I was in the air holding two of my team mates legs up in arabesque, with Eimer, Paige, Maria and Evie supporting me with extension.
'Well done girls, that was better! Theres still a lot of work to be done, but its coming along nicely. Chelsea, keep tight up in the pyramid otherwise you'll end up on the floor face first like Izzy did last week, Maddie, make everything sharp when your showing the moves, and Evie, work on your back walk overs to make them tighter. Thanks girls!' coach Slight explained while we all collected our bags and waved goodbye. I waited for Maria, Paige and Evie with Eimer at the door. They were always so slow.
If you haven't already gotten the clue, I'm a cheerleader, and i'm not going to brag, but were the most popular people in the school. One reason why the geeks and the nerds don't dare look at us.
After practice the five of us headed down to Mcdonalds to meet the boys.
I have another four bestfriends too, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn. Evie and Eimer are all loved up with their boyfriends Zayn and Liam, but Maria and Louis are having issues and Paige and Harry just don't get the fact they're a perfect match. Me? I'm just lonely. You see, being a cheerleader, i have to keep my reputation up, and everyone else at our school is just ugly or hangs out with the wrong people. I guess it's just not meant to be for me...

*Niall is in it, just not quite yet, i havent forgot our little irish snowflake!!:D hope you like, and i know i explained moves an shiz alot, if your not a cheerleader you probably wont understand much of this, but yeah, i didnt know how else to explain it tbf :( sorry if im rubbish, feedbacks welcome :)*
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