Dream Journal

I like to keep track of my dreams, so I will move them all here in case someone would like to read them :)


1. A dream inside a dream

Last night I dreamed that I dreamed something. I was at some building where I guess it was a school in my dream’s dream. At first the room was so dark I couldn't see anything. There was a small keyhole where light was coming out, so I walked towards it. I opened the door and then suddenly I was in a big room that looked like a party. I saw Aristar Krory and Lenalee from D. Grayman. Someone attacked Aristar and I tried to stop her. She was trying to inject Krory with something. Krory said that the woman had been chasing after him to make him not a vampire. There was a lot more to this but I forgot it.

Then I woke up in the dream. We all gathered in a room that seemed rather bright. I slept there last night in a room and it turned out we all had the same dream. We were going to share our dream experience together, each taking turns, but a argument broke out on who should speak. The lady in charge was the manager at the animal shelter I volunteer at.

The first one to speak was a very short girl that looked like a girl named Taylor from a summer camp I used to go to. I didn’t like her b/c she kept going and going and wouldn’t let me speak. Another guy that was dressed all emo-like kept interuppting her. As she told the dream story, an image appeared in my head of the dream she was talking about. She told of the dark room with the keyhole, but the emo kid interupted her and started taking about monsters. It went sort of like this.

Taylor: "The room was very dark. I couldn't see anything, not even the people right next to me. If there was a skeleton with bleach white bones, I couldn't even see that it was so dark. I saw the keyhole shape in the distance and walked towards it."
Emo kid: "Then the door swung open and a bunch of wraiths came flying out!"
Taylor: "Be quiet! I’m telling the story!"
Emo kid: "The wraiths carried scythes!"

In my head I saw the wraiths coming from the door an said “No, that’s not how it went.” I raised my hand to make a suggestion that everyone just take turns speaking because we all had the same dream anyway, but the lady in charge stood up and started to sing some Hindi song. I didn't understand. I raised my hand to speak, but was again ignored. Right then I started thinking “is this a dream too?” I was angry b/c I wanted to tell my part of the dream to everyone before I forgot it, which I already felt was happening. Then she stood in the front of the room and declared something. People started standing up next to her and I wondered why. Someone tapped my shoulder and asked me to stand up. Then I realized right there is really was a dream. For a split second I was lucid dreaming, and I was angry for not being called on so I sat there because I knew for sure it was a dream now. 

Someone explained I should stand up b/c we are protesting Hallmark saying people should ask for whores by ethnicity. Apparently there was a commercial running that promoted people asking for American whores (which they called Ameri-whores) and black whores. I don't know where the hell this came from, but we were going to do something about it. Next thing I knew we were in parking lot of sorts. I was no longer lucid dreaming, sadly. But there was two small black boys and an older girl. I guessed she was the mother. The girl was barely 17, but she was a whore to pay for her two boys. We offered them food (we made mashed potatoes and opened cans of peaches right there). At first the boys wouldn't take it, but when their mom was eating it (I told her to eat slow or she might choke) they asked to have some.

Then I woke up and said “I knew I was dreaming for that one second!”

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