The Madman with a Box

Milly Hansles is mostly normal, mostly normal life, mostly normal boyfriend, mostly normal friends. But she will never be completely normal. As a child, she was saved by a magical man who called himself “The Doctor.” Milly was intrigued by this strange man-well, he was an alien actually, but he looks like a man-especially by his blue box. She was in it for a few minutes, although she barely realised. Now she’s “grown up”, apparently, she wants to find him. But how can you find a time-tavelling madman with a box?


1. Who is he?


He is the Oncoming Storm.

He is the Predator.

He is the Last of his kind.

He is the only Time Lord left.

He is a time traveller.

He is the madman with a box.

He is the Doctor.

Doctor Who?

Well, no one really knows, do they?

But I do. I’ve met him.

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