Falling Child (911 Tribute)

911 was one of the worlds most horrific events. I sure many people remember watching it on their televisions. Everyone knows where they were that day. Do you remember seeing the small black dots falling from the towers? Those people who decided burning was not the best option? Thats who I'm writing about


1. The Falling Child

When I was younger I wanted to travel, explore and see,

I dreamed of the things that had been and what might be,

I dreamed of many years, of becoming old,

To get a bad back and easily cold,

I'm 14, my dad was taking me to work,

To show like he says the fun and the quirks,

Now I think of her watching the metal school gates,

Maybe worrying that I'm a bit late,

I smell fire and I hear a girl cry,

But strangely I am calm as I fall through the sky,

The ground is looming closer I must say my goodbye,

Farewell my love, I always said for you I would die,

Unless somehow death I miss,

I'm never going to give you a goodnight kiss.

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