Only Us

Summer Bails isn't a big fan of One Direction. But when she goes to their concert with her sister, her whole world changes. She dosen't know who to choose. Who will be there in the end and how her decisions lead her life somewhere else! She Doesn't know who her hearts wants? Will everything happen like she wanted?


1. Concert


 Summer's P.O.V

It was my sister, Sutton's first concert. She was so excited. She was going to see her favorite boy band, one direction. I personally wasn't a fan. But I didn't hate them either. We pulled up to the stadium. I didn't know how this was going to turn out. I was nervous; some of these girls can be really mean. As we got up in line. Sutton yelled "I have to Peee!!!!!" "Fine I said as we walked to the back of the building. I saw a police officer. "May she go in and quickly use the bathroom?" I asked. He led us down a hall. As Sutton was going to the Bathroom I walked down the hall. I heard someone yell something. I turned to see who it was and ran into someone. I fell hard on the ground!! "Are you ok?" someone asked in a British accent. "Fine. Hey You are umm... That guy from One Direction!" I said as he smiled. "Liam, I can see you aren't a fan." he said while helping me up. "Um my sister loves you guys and I guess I do too but," I looked down. He smiled at me. "I was joking its ok. What's your name Love?" he asked. "Summer Bail" I said. "Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Well I have to scoot. See you late love!" he shouted! I walked back o find Sutton. she was on her phone. "COME ON WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE TO THE CONCERT!!!" she shouted! we hurried to the seats and we were in the front row! The concert stared. "We were like Na Na Na!" they sang. I was staring at the boy with curly hair. He kept looking at me then when they were answering Twitter questions he was talking to the security guard. Then the guard gave up to me. "You Summer?" he asked "Yes, Why?" I asked. "You are invited to come to their hotel room after the concert." he said "I have to take her home" "We can do it!" he said. I looked at the curly haired one. He was smiling. "Sure." I replied. Then he went to the curly haired boy. And whispered to him. The curly haired boy smiled. Then the boy in Stripes smiled as the curly haired boy told him something and he looked at me and then they were both pointing at me. i was nervous and i was getting red. After the concert The Guards lead me and Sutton down different halls. I was lead into a huge van. Then I waited there for about 10 mins. Then we zoomed off. We drove for about 30 mins. then stopped and I was pushed out of the car. I walked into the hotel and was escorted to a room. I knocked on the door. Liam opened it. "Summer" he yelled. he pulled me in for a hug. "come in, sit, um Lou, Niall and Zayn are getting food. Harry is siting over there. He led me in and the suite was huge! Then he pointed to the curly haired boy. "This is Harry, Harry this is Summer." Liam said. "Nice to meet you love." Harry said. Smiling. He was so amazing! “Well I have to go and make a call. Be back in two mins. He said walking in a different room. "Tell me about you." harry said. "Well I have two sisters, Sutton and Sam. Then a Brother, Seth. I live with my Dad. After my mom died. She was an alcoholic. I never drink because of that. I am kind of the mom of the house and I am the oldest girls, Seth is 2 years older than me. I live in Ann Arbor. But came to Detroit to see you play." I said . He kept looking in my eyes while I was talking.


                                                 Harry's P.O.V


Her eyes were dazzling blue. He smile was perfect. She has light brown, almost blonde hair. She had an amazing jaw line. Her teeth were perfect. She told me that she had braces. She had a scar on her wrists. She looked so small and nice. I think I was in love. I couldn't do that. We were on tour. She couldn't love someone like me. I don’t know how I felt. I was so confused. She looked at me with sweetness. I couldn’t help but grab her hand so I did. She looked up at me. But finished talking. I didn't think she minded. I didn’t.


                                                 Summer’s P.O.V


He grabbed my hand and held it. I felt in love. But how could I ever love someone. After what happened last time. Harry would be different. Right? How could i love him. He is going to England in two months. And I will be here. I was confused. How could Harry ever Love Me!?



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