Promise Me

First ever 1D fanfic alone. Enjoy!


1. First- The Problem



"So Cassydee, have you ever met the other boys of One Direction?" the interviewer asks, smiling slightly. He's older, not very attractive, maybe he was when he was younger, but I just can't see it. Large gray eyes, gray hair, and a smile that could blind anybody.

And I pick now to tune back into the conversation.

"What do you mean?" I ask, swallowing. Is there really anything to be nervous about? I get questions about One Direction all the time. After all, my twin brother is Harry Styles. I don't mind the questions, but sometimes I worry about them going towards me dating one of the other guys.

"Have you met all of the boys of One Direction?" he asks, clarifying as best as he can.

"Once. Except for Louis and Harry." I respond, staring at the floor. It's hard to tell me and Harry are twins. He has brunette hair, and my hair is red, naturally. He has green eyes, my eyes are hazel. I'm short, and compared to me, he's tall. I'm 18, just like Harry.

When our parents got divorced, I stayed with my father while Harry went with our mother, Anne. I didn't see them forever. I even changed my last name, because I didn't want to be associated with my father. He's not a bad guy, but honestly, I want to be my own person, not compared to them. People in town had no idea who my family is.

In reality, my name is Cassydee Janyce Styles, but go by CJ Monroe. That's what everyone knows me by.

“How do they feel about guys changing your song style?” the interviewer asks. I look up at him again, my mouth hanging slightly open.

“I'd be surprised if they paid any attention to be honest.” I say, a small smile whispering onto my face. Harry wasn't exactly used to the idea that his sister has been famous for about 4 years, and mentioned him once. He thinks I'm evil, or damn near it.

“Why?” the interviewer asks. I wait for Kendall, Danielle, Shaie, or even Grayse to jump in, but none of them respond, really.

“Because, he's my little brother.” I tell him. “He thinks it's terrible.”

“What is terrible?” he pushes. I stare at the floor for a second, watching my feet. I wasn't shaking, nope. I was pretty much calm. My shoes were perfect, brand new from the day before, gold Converse that I had gone through hell and back to get. They were cool, the shoe laces pink. My two favourite colours.

“My singing.” I state.

And then Danny pipes up. “He thinks we're amateur. In fact, I think his little boy band is amateur. Sure they're top now, but in a few months?” she laughs. I look over at her. She's probably the most talkative one out of all of us. She's really pretty, her blonde hair pulled back and fish tailed, green eyes bright and happy. She's got perfect complexion, pale skin, but it's more of a creamy pale, and she's extremely nice.

All factors that distract everyone from us.

But it's not like any of us hate each other. Me, Danny/ Danielle, Shaie, Grayse, and Kendall make up a band called American Royalty. An all girl band that has dominated the United Kingdom, and Europe, and also Irish charts for years now. We haven't expanded to America. I guess we're all afraid of rejection from there. Everyone but me and Danielle are from America. I'm British, and Danielle is from Paris.

“CJ, still listens to them.” Kendall states. “she tries to support her brother in every way possible, with nothing in return.” she smiles. Everyone is mega beautiful, except for me. Kendall has short black hair, and blue eyes. She's always tan, and always pretty. She's the type of person who can wake up at four in the morning, and look like a beauty queen.

Grayse is my best friend in the band. She's got green eyes, and brunette hair, always pulled back into a bun. She's got a heart shaped face, and is always acting like she doesn't know what's going on. In reality she can't understand our accents.

And Shaie, I love her. She's always happy. Bright, smiling, chirpy. She has a thick Southern accent obvious in her voice. I suppose that's just like me, except mine is British. As for Danielle, she has somewhat of a French sounding accent, like she's trying to perfect it but can't. Grayse is Western, and Kendall has a strange accent I have never been able to place.

But Shaie, is beyond beautiful. Blonde hair, long, silky, ends to her bum, and it's perfect. Not kidding. She never has snarls, anything. She's always been pretty. Perfect brown eyes, they look like chocolate.

I'm way jealous of her.

“Very sweet of you, Cassydee.” the interviewer states. I smile, and nod slightly. I still have no idea what this interview is for, and who this guy is, but it's best just to smile.

After all, I am the Cassydee Monroe.


My phone vibrates in my purse, but I'm unable to answer it. “I'm sexy and I know it! Wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah! Do the wiggle, yeah!” of course. The one day I leave my ringtone on, I can't answer it.

“Would you shut that thing up?” Grayse asks, throwing a pillow at me, and knocking over the jar of nail polish I had sitting next to me.

The pink decides to completely empty from the bottle and onto the couch.

“Oh how lovely!” I respond. “And it's in my purse, and I have we nails. Would you like to clean up the trail of polish?” I ask. Grayse shakes her head. “Didn't think so.”

It's after the interview. Normally we would be back on the tour bus by now, but because of some delays, we have to stay in a hotel over night.

I should explain. As I mentioned before, I am Harry Styles twin sister. No this isn't a stereotype, and it is real. When our parents divorced, I went with our dad, and he went with our mom. I haven't seen them in years, until about a month ago, where One Direction and American Royalty (my band) had to work together for One Direction's new album.

My brother hates my music. He's certain he's the one with all the talent.

My band consists of 5 girls. Shaie, Grayse, Kendall, and Danielle or we call her Danny, and then there's me, CJ. Everyone just calls me CJ, because it's quicker to spell than Cassydee.

Four years ago I auditioned for a show that was creating a band. It was supposed to be a girl band, so I decided to go for it. It was 3 months of living hell. Every week I was convinced I was gone, but I made it to the end.

The problem?

I'm literally 3 years younger than the next youngest girl. Shaie is 21, and so is Grayse. Kendall and Danny are both 22. And I'm 18.

Sometimes my age effects the way they all talk to me. We're considered R&B bad girls, but since I was so young when we began, it was difficult to start that, so we had to switch it up this year.

And I don't know what to do about it.

My phone vibrates again.

Grayse gets up and walking into the kitchen where my purse is, and pulls out my phone, and then throw it at me.

My screen reads 'Evil Twin'. It's Harry. 


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