Keeping an Open Mind

Savannah is about to turn 18 and her stepdad is a drunk attic. Does she find her true love or not?

*This Is not my life. I love my life and my daddy (Yes I call my daddy, daddy) would never be mean to me. I have a perfect life(: *


1. Running Away.

Savannah's POV:

"SAVANNAH!! GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!" I heard my stepdad say I could already tell he was drunk. I walked down the stairs and into the living room where he was standing with a angry face. "Yes?" I asked. "WHERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT!?" He said walking up to my face. "I was at Shannon's house because we have to finish our school project!" I yelled back at him. He slapped me across the face and went up stairs. I grabbed my bag and packed clothes in it and 50 quid. I walked out the door and started walking towards Shannon's house. I turned around seeing Greg (That's what I've been calling my step dad ever since my mum died 2 years ago, and my sister left for collage) yelling after me, I started running. I ran around the corner and hid in some bushes where he couldn't find me. He walked pass me not noticing me, so I got up and ran in the other direction. I called Shannon to see if I could stay with her for a while, she answered and told me I could stay for 2 days because her family was going on a family trip. I finally got to her house, I had been walking for an hour, I knocked on her front door and she answered asking me why I ran away from home. We sat on the couch and I told her the whole story. I told her that I was grounded too much. She felt sorry for me, I told her I was tired so she gave me some blankets and a pillow. I fell asleep on the couch, when Shannon woke me up saying that it was 12 and she asked me if I wanted something to eat I nodded and got up to help her. When we got done making each of us sandwhichs we sat on the couch there was a long pause until Shannon broke the silence. "Where are you going to go next." she asked. "I really don't know, but I can't go back home." I replied with a tear comimg out of my eye. "When are you coming back from your family trip?" I asked. "A few days maybe like 5 days total." She said. We finished our sandwhichs in a fast manner and got up and went outside. "Well I better get going since you have to leave early in the morning." She nodded and handed me my stuff, I gave her a big hug started walking towards the park.

Harry's POV:

It started raining as I got up and went down stairs to get some lunch and some tea. I sat down at the table and I saw a girl walking outside in the rain soaking wet luckily she had a rain jacket on. I grabbed my rain jacket and walked out side to her. "Are you okay?" I asked her. She turned around and nodded. "Why are you out here in the rain and how long have you been walking?" I asked her. "I just started walking and I kinda ran away from home"she replied. "Come on inside and come dry off." We walked inside as my mum walked in. "Who's this." my mum asked. "This is my friend-" I forgot to get her name. "Savananh." she said. "It's very nice to meet you Savannah, I'm Anne." mum said. "She had been walking out in the rain, do you think she can stay here and dry off for a bit?" I asked. "Sure. Savannah why were out walking in the rain?" mum asked. "I just...sort of ran away from home" Savannah had a frown on by this point. "Stay here as long as you like sweetie, to figure out everything. Let me show you to your room and get you some dry clothes." mum said. They walked up the stairs while I stayed in the living room.

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