This is a romance story about a total ONE DIRECTION fan and when she meets them she falls in LOVE with on boy from the group and is he falling for her??? Ull just have to read and find out



Anika's POV
"Anika! Wake up! Ur friend is on the phone!" my mom said coming into my room.
I grabbed the phone from her and stuck it to my ear and heard my best friend screaming on the other end of the phone.
"hello?" I said still half a sleep.
"ANIKA, you will not believe what I just got!" my best friend Summer said bursting my ear drumb
"okay but first calm the hell dawn"
"ok, so I just got up and on the end of my bed was TWO TICHETS TO..."
She just stopped in the middle of the sentence.
"what? Tickets to what?" I say into the phone
"ONE DIRECTION" she screamed into the phone.
Bye that time I was fully awake so I understood what she was saying but it took me a minute to actually get it into my head.
There was an awkward silence then...
" AHHHHHHHH!!!" we both started crying into the phone ten I heard her say something
" I'll be over in a minute!"
I look outside and saw her leaving her house just a cross the street from mine.
I jump out of bed and run downstairs still in tears and I open the front door. She came right in and we start hugging and crying. Next thing I know, we're on the groung crying!
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