Just A Dream.

When Emily Lane, your average 17 year old teen, wins a scholarship to a music school in London to follow her life dream of becoming a music artist, will she get more than she bargained for? When she stumbles across a boy that always seems to be distracting her from her work, either with his amazing looks, boyish charm, or his angelic vocals. Emily realises she can't focus on anything other than him.Has this boy changed her life forever? Not just emotionally, but physically..?

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1. First Night In London.

"I swear sofa's have never been this heavy until now!" I complained to myself as I attempted to drag my sofa across my new appartment. Ha, I love saying that! My new appartment! Yeah, in London babyyy!

I gave up on my sofa and just left it there. I slouched down on it when my phone rung. "WHOAAAH MONAA LISAA..." Yeah, Panic! At The Disco are my ringtone, problem? They've been my favourite band since, well, since I can remember anyway.

Now, since you're all probably thinking, "whoah, what the hell likee..?!" I shall explain my story to you. Well, some of it, not all of it cause that would just be disturbing and, eurghhh.. Anyway,

Hi, my name's Emily, Emily Lane. I'm your typical teenager, I stay up late, sleep in late, spend most my time online and I'm crazy about one person. Okay, I know I know, I got that of facebook, no hate!? Also, I'm not crazy about one person, I'm still waiting for them to be honest. Anway, shall we carry on? I'm in love with music. If I could marry it, I would, but I can't so I won't. I was born and raised, OMG "IN WEST PHILADELPIA BORN AND RAISED, THE PLAYGROUND IS WHERE I SPEND MOST OF MY DAYS, CHILL-" wait, where were we? Oh yeah, sorry, I get distracted easily. I grew up in South Wales. My lifetime dream has always been to become a singer/songwriter. I also play piano. I won a scholarship, through a music competition, to come to a music college here in London. I arrived yesterday and crashed out on the floor almost straight away, hence why I'm unpacking and shit the second day. Anyway, that's enough.

Once I sorted out the furniture in my living room, I started unpacking my clothes. FOUR suitcases full! And I still recon I have nothing to wear.. That's a teenage girl for ya. It was 4 o'clock already! Jesus Christ.. My stomach growled, oh god. EMPTY FRIDGE ALERT!! I quickly ran to the store and grabbed a couple ready meals. I start college tomorrow and I'm barely unpacked. Oh Lord. I unpacked  the most I could, didn't want to injure myself or wear myself out for tomorrow. I shoved a ready meal in the microwave, which was on top of a couple stacked boxes. Why won't the appartment come with a God'damn microwave fitted in?! Seriously..

By the time I'd finished eating and packed away the rest of my clothes, it was quarter to eight. Night on the couch me thinks. Great way to enjoy my first night in London, I thought as I pulled out my laptop.


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