From a Nightmare to a Dream

Lisamarie just got out of a serious relationship. She broke up with him, he wanted her back, she didn't. But one night she found herself missing him so they hung out and she felt like she wanted him back, he didn't. She knew what it was like to be officially heart broekn. To get her mind of him she started listening to some new music. The group was so adorable, funny, attactive, 4/5 British, and 1/5 Irish. Also known as One Direction. She become obsessed. This was to get her mind of him and it was working. She was finally happy. But could she get anymore happy after a concert and meet and greet? It's very possible... Could there be any more drama in her life? That was for sure... Could one boy of her most wild fantacies take her out of her nightmare and bring her into a dream? You'll have to read and find out ;)


20. What have I gotten Myself Into?

     Liam was standing next to my car knocking on my window. Why? Why now? At first I didn't even respond, I started my car and tried to ignore him. But then he opened my door.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I yelled.

"Stopping you from making a mistake."

"What are you talking about, actually here, you can give this to Niall." I said handing him the hoodie.

"No. You can give that to him. Please just come up to my room, calm down, you can't drive in this condition anyway. I promise no one is going to be there. I'll even lock the door that connects mine and Niall's room. Please."

"Fine, we'll come up. But only until I'm feeling better."

"Alright, come on."

     We went up to Liam's room and he locked the door like he said. Mel went to Harry's room because she figured I needed to be alone. Thanks best friend, not. Too bad I just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

"Can we talk?" Liam asked calmly.

"I suppose. What about?"

"You know Leese."

"There are a tons of things to talk about, so how would I know?" I said like a total bitch. I don't know why I was being so mean to Liam, he never did anything wrong.

"You, Niall, that guy who kept calling you. Obviously, don't be stupid."

"Oh." I said, I had that coming.

"I'm just going to lay everything out there."

"Be my guest."

Liam let out a huge sigh and began "Alright. You and Niall both know you two are one of the best things that's ever happened to each other. You've only known each other for four days and the connection is so strong, everyone can feel it. And the rest of us are so happy we got to meet you and Mel and were hoping to see more of you in the future. That first day when Niall bumped into you and knocked you out it was fate. He couldn't stop talking about you, not just because he thought he killed you but he wouldn't shut up. He was like oh she's so beautiful, I hope she's ok, I can't wait to talk to her when she wakes up, and all of that."

"Stop it."

"No. You have been on his mind non stop ever since then. And I can guarantee that he's thinking about you right now. Why was there some other guy calling you non stop and claiming to be your boyfriend?"

"He's my ex boyfriend that I was with for almost 2 years, he was calling me because I actually don't know. He said he broke up with his girlfriend and couldn't stop thinking of me and told me he still loved me. I have no feelings for him and no one believes me, not Niall, not him, not even Melanie. Tonight was the first time I saw him since our nasty break up, and it's going to be the last time."

"You saw him?"

"Yeah, he basically saved my life. I got lost and he picked me up. When I left here earlier I was so angry and I didn't pay attention to where I was going and he was the only one I knew who would come get me."


"Yeah right Liam. He would of left me to the wolves."

"That's not true."

"Well I didn't want to be rejected from getting help also."

"Understandable. But your done right?"

"I'm done with Gino, and I'm done with Niall."

"What? No, you don't mean that."

"Liam, I do. He hurt me, and I'm tired of getting hurt. I really took a risk with him. I got too attached way too soon and this is how it ended."

"What if you guys talked one last time?"

"We did, in the hall a little while ago. He told to me have a good life."

"You know, you're not the only one who's hurt."

"I shouldn't be."

"Lisamarie, I don't want to lose contact with you. Neither does Zayn, Louis, and Harry. You're so much fun, nice, pretty, and funny, and it's been a blast."

"I don't think it's a good idea."

"Please, you're a great friend."

"Ok Liam." Then we exchanged numbers and he said he would give my number to Zayn and Louis since Harry already had mine obviously. Then we hugged. It was a really long hug but I needed it.

"Do you feel any better love?"

"Much! I really appreciate it Liam. Never hesitate to call or text."

"I won't, it's going to be a long plane ride so I'll need someone to talk to besides the boys. But you either."

"I won't. I promise. Do you have anything else you would like to talk about, it's getting pretty late and you have to get up early?" I looked up at the clock it was 2:30 in the morning. "Actually you have to be ready by 6"

"The only thing I have left to say is please talk to Niall and give your relationship one more chance. Not only for you two, but for everyone, everyone who is hoping for you both and wants you to be happy."

"Liam, if you didn't know, we weren't together anyway."

"You know what I mean. But can you please come to the airport to say goodbye to everyone else?"

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"Remember, we're all friends too."

"True, fine I'll be there."

"Stay the night!"


"You might not find us so you should go with us."

"What about Melanie?"

"She can come too!"


"Sleep in my bed, I'll go to the other one."

"No, you sleep in it. I'm going to be up for a little bit still. Have a lot going on in my head."

"Ok, whatever you say. I'll text Harry to tell Melanie the plan. Goodnight." Liam said, then he kissed the top of me head and headed to his room.

     I went to go sit on the couch alone with my thoughts. I kept staring at the door that connected this room with Niall's. I wanted to be on the other side of it so badly. I wanted to be asleep in Niall's arms so badly, wanted to kiss him so badly. Just wanted to take everything back that happened tonight so badly. I already took a chance on letting Niall into my heart so soon and he broke it, I broke it. It was already broken and I thought Niall could fix it. Shit, I wanted him to fix it, I still did. I'm done pretending, I got up and unlocked the door. I slowly opened it and looked inside. There was a small light on, and I was going to walk in when I looked to my left. What the fuck? Niall was sleeping sitting up next to the door. Did he listen to everything that was said between Liam and I? Not only that, but guess what was in his hand, the same piece of paper that I found a few days ago with my picture and information. I took a deep breath and sat down next to him and carefully placed my head on his shoulder. He moved a bit, didn't open his eyes, but grabbed my hand. I silently cried and fell asleep right there with him. What have I gotten myself into?

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