when laylas dad dyed in an accident her mum wouldnt speak to her shes had enough so she runs away only to find the guy shes been looking for her whole life her very own prince charming


1. leaving

I looked around my house for the last time it was 12.00 am and i was running i'd decided that i wasnt comming back, mum wouldn't be to happy but scince dad died she dosent notice much. I was wearing my leather jacket with my black jeans a black top and my black converses nobody would see me as I walked down the stairs I swung the rucksack over my back trust me it was a big rucksack it had allmy clotes in and phoosof my dad. I had written a note to mum but I doubt she'll find it.

I knew where I was going, theres a secret place where me and my dad sed to go a little island that only we knew about, going back there would be easier than saying here with a mum who didnt know I was even there.

I walked out the door and loked it behind me and  posted the key back threw so this was it I thought to myself a knew begging me on my own,and with that I set of into the night through my neighbourhood thinking about my knew start.

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