Forget It

Eliza (Lizzie) is just a girl trying to find her place in the world. During her trip to Paris, she runs into a world famous boyband known as, One Direction. But Lizzie doesn't know who they are. Has she been living under a rock? She starts to hang out with them more often, after one of them gave her his number. Will Lizzie find love? Will her heart be broken? Will her horrid past catch up with her? You'll have to read to find out!


1. Introduction

Hey I'm Lizzie! Real name Eliza. I have dark brown wavy hair. Dark brown, almost black eyes. I'm about 5'5". I'm 17. I'm a dancer. I'm from Ireland. And I travel the world showing people my talents. Which also include playing the guitar and singing. Right now I'm in Paris. The city of love... With no love myself. oh well. I walked into a Starbucks and saw five gorgeous boys. But one caught my eye. Blonde hair with a bit of brown. Blue eyes that made me melt. He smiled at me and I blushed. I walked past him and his friends and ordered. "Carmel Mocha please." "name?" "Eliza" "be right out" I smiled and walked over to the side. I had my guitar on my back and I moved it so I could play. I strummed the tune of "Storm Warning" by Hunter Hayes quietly. Then the blonde boy and his friends walked over to me. I stopped playing. "hi." I said shyly. "Hello. May I ask your name?" the blonde one said. "I'm L- Eliza." I said and shook his and the others hands. "I'm Niall." the blonde said. "You Irish?" I said and laughed. "Yeah. How'd you tell?" he said. "I am too." I smiled. "I'm Louis." the next one said. "Liam." "Zayn" "Harry." "Nice to meet you all. Erm what are you doing?" I asked leaning against the wall. "Niall 'ere saw you playing the guitar and wanted to meet you." The one with the black and blonde quiff said. Zayn I think. "That's nice" I said. "Eliza!" the lady called. I walked over and got my drink. The walked back to the boys. "I'll be going. Maybe I'll see you around sometime." I said and started to leave but the blonde one grabbed my arm. "here's my number. Call me later." he said and handed me a piece of paper. I smiled and nodded then left. I put the paper in my pocket and walked down the street. "Don't fall for him lizzie. Don't do it." I thought to myself. This was goin to be hard.
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