1D surprisement๐Ÿ˜ณ A Niall Horan story...(fantasy)

When Niall met a girl he fell in love with her when she met her for the first time.. Niall and Joyce dated but Niall wants to move on. They were just going out like friends but Niall want them to be more than friends... Niall wants Joyce to be his girlfriend but Joyce doesn't want to.. She has a little secret that nobody knows...



Niall sat down. Niall had no idea what happened. Niall went home. Louis said " where's Joyce?." Niall said " I have no idea." Harry said " aren't you on a date with her.? Niall said " I was when she totally ran away." Liam said " ran away? Weird." there was a knock on the door. Niall opened it. It was Joyce and some older woman. Niall said " Joyce you came back and who's with you?." Louis said " is that your mum?." Joyce said " no." Zayn said " who she?." Joyce said " this is professor Kelly." Niall said " a professor?." Joyce said " yes." Niall said " what is she doing here?." Joyce said " she came to get me." Niall said " get you?." Joyce said " yes." Niall said " why? What have you done?." Joyce said " you don't understand." Niall said " but I want you to be my girlfriend Joyce." Joyce said " I'm so sorry Niall." Proffesor Kelly said " hurry up! Joyce!." Joyce said " yes professor Kelly." Niall said "why can't you be my girlfriend?." Joyce sighed. She turned to professor Kelly. Prof. Kelly said " tell him right away! We gotta go!." Joyce sighed. Joyce said " Niall I'm a wizard." Niall said " YOURE WHAT??!!!!!" Joyce said " yes I'm a wizard..." Niall said "why didn't you tell me in the first place?" Joyce said " coz I'm afraid too." Niall couldn't believe anything. Joyce said " I'm gonna explain everything to you coz this is my last day here. It's true that I could read a birds mind. I know that they were hungry I have a vision. You won't believe this but those birds are actually my friends. Sheenah turned them into birds. Niall said " who's Sheenah?" Joyce said " she's our enemy." Niall said " oh." Joyce said " all my friends and family are on the Bermuda Triangle. Their all stuck in there." Niall said " Bermuda Triangle???" Joyce said " it's a lonely place where no wizard can escape on." Niall said "ooooooo.. But why are you here?" Joyce said " they send me back here to save my family and to enjoy but I can't enjoy. I love you Niall I think you are really sweet but I can't date humans that's moral I'm so sorry." Niall was really sad. He teared up. Louis said " man it's ok." Niall said " no its not." Liam said " where are you gonna go?" Joyce said " I'm gonna go to the wizard world and save my family... "
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