1D surprisement๐Ÿ˜ณ A Niall Horan story...(fantasy)

When Niall met a girl he fell in love with her when she met her for the first time.. Niall and Joyce dated but Niall wants to move on. They were just going out like friends but Niall want them to be more than friends... Niall wants Joyce to be his girlfriend but Joyce doesn't want to.. She has a little secret that nobody knows...


1. THE MEET๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™

Niall was walking to the beach. He felt the sweet air of the wind. Then Niall saw a girl, the girl was sitting on the bench looking around. She was the only one there. The girl looks sad. Niall want up to the girl. Niall said " hi what's the matter?". The girl said " oh hello and nothing." Niall said " oh ok well I'm Niall what's ur name?" the girl said " my name is Joyce." Niall said" that's nice." Joyce said " thanks." Niall asked " so what are you doing here in the beach?" Joyce said " oh nothing just went to cool off. How about you?" Niall said " oh just went here with my friends. Speaking of my friends where are they?" Joyce said " what? You lost them?" Niall said " I don't know." Joyce said " well go find them." Niall said " nah they have their own." Joyce said " own what?" Niall said " own mind and own brain." Joyce said " oh yeah." Niall said " so what actually happened?" Joyce said " nothing really." Niall said " do you have any friends?". Joyce said " yeah I do but they're busy." Niall said " oh where do u live?" Joyce slowly said " in the grand canyon." Niall said "what?" Joyce said " oh nothing." Niall said " oh ok well where do u live?" Joyce said " in my house I guess." Niall said " oh ok. Well if you wanna do something fun you can play with me and my friends." Joyce said " oh I'm fine just don't worry I'll be ok." Niall said " well c'mon! Don't just sit there you gotta have fun." Joyce said " whats fun?" Niall said " you don't know what fun means? Fun means to have fun enjoy yourself playing and just hangin out with your friends. You have friends right?" Joyce said " um.... Um..... Yeah." Niall said " well you could play with them." Joyce said " play?" Niall said " yeah play with your friends." Joyce slowly whispered" I don't think a trash can can play." Niall said " what did you say?" Joyce said " nothing." Niall said " c'mon! Let's go play with my friends.." Joyce said " I don't want to seriously." Niall said " c'mon don't be shy." Niall grabbed Joyce's hands. Then they went..
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