Who's That In The Mirror

This story is about 2 twins seperated at birth and they switch places Sutton Lives With Her Loving Rich Parents And Is Rude, And Taylor Lives In Foster Homes With Wierdo's. I Will Make A New Chapter Everyday .


3. Whats Going On???

I found the house and it was HUGE like half of a mansion and that's pretty huge, I stepped out the car and headed for the door. When I got up there I opened the door and was wowed it was amazing, then this girl came up to me and said "I'm done with your room 20 bucks please" I grabbed my wallet and gave her a 20 I was guessing she was Sutton's sister, then Sutton's mom and dad asked me where I have been. I just told them I was shopping because that's what Sutton said she loves to do. Okay she said she has a boyfriend okay who's my lover?? I have her phone in my hand and my phone in my pocket so I'll find my room and figure out who my 'Boyfriend" is. Sutton where are you going now? Mom asked. Just up to my room,I replied. You mean straight to your room, that way. Mom said. Um yea wrong way I was just on Facebook on the phone so.,. I'll get going. I said

I walked in the room and it was huge, Sutton had a walk in closet, 2 bathrooms, and 3 laptops. And to think this is all mine, at the thought it made me do a little dance. Then I heard the door in and a voice asked me what I was doing.When I turned to see who it was, it was Sutton's little sister. Um I was just doing a little dance, I said. Looked like you were doing the potty dance *Clap,Clap*, She said. Well I wasn't so what do you need?. Sutton please can I use your lip gloss this one time. she said. Emma and Sutton foods done,Mom called. Um sure after we eat okay Emma, I said. Wait really, you said I could never use stuff you use on your lips because I'll dirty them up. Emma said. Well only this one time okay? I asked. Okay , Emma said and we walked to eat lunch that mom made.

After we ate I offered to help Sutton's mom clean up. Sutton are you feeling okay, she asked. Yea fine why? I asked. Your asking to pick up dirty trash that people make out of tree's. She said. Huh?, I asked. The napkins sweety.she said. O yea um I'm just in a cleaning mood I guess. I said then Sutton's phone rang. Who is it? mom asked. Um o its just Riley I'm going to go to her house for a little bit. "OKAY" I ran to the room and put Sutton's gorgeous bathing suit on. Then walked out the door to the car, when I got in there I didn't know how to work the GPS she already put her adress in so I know where she lives. Where is Riley's house, I yelled and the GPS said Did you say Riley's house? yes I hurried and yelled. Then it showed me the directions.

When I got there my "Boyfriend" came up to me. I knew it was him because he said Hey Babe so I said hey back.Then we all started swimming, when I came up for air I seen a boy staring at me on his motorcycle I wondered who he was. Hey Sutton are you okay? Riley asked. Yea why? I asked. Because you were staring over there for a long time so I wanted to know whats going on???

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