One Dream, One Laugh,One Life

This Is about a girl named Alex and she's full of suprises and mysteries


1. Alex?

I wake up to the sound of my alarm,with tired eyes I look at the clock which says 6 am. I moan loudly at the though of getting up for the first day of being a sophomore.I got up, grabbed a towel then jumped in the shower.When I got out I wrapped the towel around me,then I brushed my hair and ran to my closet.I put on red skinny jeans with a black "I Love Football" shirt and some black Toms,then I walked back to the bathroom to brush my teeth,when i see my little sister in the bathroom waiting for me to take her to school. I brushed my teeth,grabbed my jacket and keys then left. I dropped Alexus off to middle school and headed straight to school,right when I got to school they called "Alex Hilter to the front office". That's me ,why would they want me. As I was going I bumped into someone, it was my best friend Ciarra Walker.I was so happy to see her I hugged then, she told me she missed me. I told her the office called me, she gave me a worried look then said Uh Oh Good Luck.I walked right in front of the office when this gorgeous boy bumped into me, he said sorry and walked to his locker. I went into the office and Ms.Miller gave me a schedule,I told her I already got one but she said that was the wrong one I had Alex Hiltons not mine.She gave me mine ,then the new kid walked in and Ms.Miller said Hi Alex Here's Your Schedule...

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