One Direction Unexpected...

This is a story about a girl names Ashley who just moved met 1D fell in love with a band member and had problems coming at her....


1. Meeting One Direction

Wake up!! Wake up!! I hear voices call,when I opened my sleepy eyes to see who it was I then seen the twins all dressed up. I asked them why were they all dressed up,so Annabella sighed and said its the first day of school you have to take me ,Annie, and Alex in a hour so, get up get up.I sighed and told them okay give me a minute to get ready,as they left I thought why me why now why cant dad take them. I had just turned eighteen and was going to skip college this year and go next year,I put on some black skinny jeans,a yellow jersey type shirt with a lion on it, and some black converse. I brushed my teeth, then my long black hair into a high pony. I went down stairs and looked at the note dad left it said "Sorry sweetheart take the twins to West Bev Elementary and take Alex to her first year of high school at West Bev High. O and don't forget to unpack Love,Dad."We just moved here to Beverly Hills from a small town in Ohio. When I got outside to start the car,the twins run up yelling wait for us sissy!!! I told them I was just starting the car,then I got them in the car, waiting for the always late Alex.When she came out she's wearing a belly shirt and shorts, I made her change and she came out wearing her lions shirt, brown skinny jeans, and yellow converse.She hops in the passenger's seat and I started driving,we sat in awkward silence the whole car ride.Once I got there they all ran out to the the 1st and last building,I'm driving home and I stop when I see a tour bus with a flat tire.I see Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles come out of the bus,I  was so excited just then Niall Horan comes out and looks at me. I was so happy when I seen Niall coming towards my car,he asked me "hey Love do you know where the nearest car shop is" I told him I just moved here I didn't know.Then Harry Liam Louis and Zayn all come over I was so overwhelmed I fainted in the car.Next thing you knew I woke up in a hospital,with THE One Direction staring at me I screamed with excitement and they tell me to calm down everything okay I was confused.I got up and asked them what they were doing here,they looked confused now and told me I was talking to them but then... You fainted Niall says.The nurse came in and checked me out and told me I could go home,I look at the clock it says 2:00 pm.I hurry and ran to my car Harry right on my tail asks me where I'm going ,I tell him to get my sisters.

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