A poem about this world expressed in two opinions. Others' and mine. My opinion is not clearly stated but it is there, hidden in between, in the cursive coincidences, etc.

I was going to say something else but I can't remember exactly what it is.
Hope you enjoy.
If you enjoy.

I would recommend you to read the author's note first, since I only thought of writing one after I'd written the poem. (that's just because you know, if you had something else in thought about the poem or if something else and .. something =)
And... and yeah! The author's note is only a few lines.
You don't have to read it of course.
Thank you.


1. Perfection


What a coincidence it is,

that stars are figures in the sky,

and Great Bear looks like a wagon.


What a coincidence it is,

that the Sun rises in East,

and always sets in West.


What a coincidence it is,

that water boils at an exact temperature,

and everything else doesn't follow suit.


What a coincidence it is,

that the eye is so complicated,

that it can't be made by humans

& what a coincidence it is,

that it was made by evolution.


What a coincidence it is,

that the world itself made itself perfect,

but couldn't make itself immortal.


What a coincidence it is,

that the body functions as it does,

and is so detailed as nothing else.


What a coincidence it is,

that gravity was made by an explosion,

and nothing became everything.


What a coincidence it is,

that the universe is so intertwined,

I mean,

the plants, the air and the animals,

and not to forget the human beings,

what a coincidence it is that everything,

works so perfectly together,

it's amazing.


It's amazing how many coincidences,

our universe contains,

and how perfect everything is,

when it was only time, evolution and

A Big Bang that was behind.


And it is amazing,

how feelings are the same throughout the world,

when I have never met the one behind the other screen.


And it is amazing,

just purely amazing,

how this world is only here for nothing,

and we're just passersby,

popping out of abdomens,

to be made into Earth again.


It is amazing how intricate the mind is,

when we were once animals crawling up and down trees,

eating bugs and filtering through life as if it was nothing.


It is an amazing world,

that started as nothing,

and became everything we are now.

It is amazing,

just how long this poem can get,

when I haven't even started for real.


It is amazing that whatever I am going to say,

opinions are opinions and explanations will never survive.

It is amazing that time goes by,

we sleep, we live and we die.


Yesterday, last week and last month,

a few years ago, twenty years ago and half a century,

become memories when today dawns.

It is just amazing,

that right now is gone,

and it is only there right now,

to be gone a little later,

and become a memory stored in my mind.   


What my mind beholds,

and how memories are saved inside,

is nothing more and much more than,

to save a document on a laptop.

We never see the memories outside.

They are ours and only ours to remember.


What a coincidence this world is,

and what a creature of coincidences I am.


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