Can't Help Falling In Love

Amy finds her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. She turns to Harry, her best friend of many years, and her brother John who is in the hospital with lung cancer, but Harry can’t seem to shake the feeling that Amy is more than just a friend. How will he tell her?


1. Finding Out The Truth

Amy's POV

I was walking home from school, while tears poured down my face. I caught my boyfriend of 2 years  cheating on me about 20 minutes ago. I never knew anyone could even go through this pain. I went to meet him in the parking lot so I could get a ride home, like I do everyday. I walked up to his car, where he’s usually waiting for me. I was about to reach for the the door handle when I saw him. he was with another girl, practically swallowing each other! if i wasn’t so broken, I would have fucked him up for doing that to me. but he was my everything. I loved him more than anything. i would never be able to yell at him. i even neglected one of my best friends to make time for him. i don’t even think i’ve seen her in the past two weeks. i want to see her, but how would she react if i went to her? would she act as if nothing happened and just try to comfort me? or would she get mad at me for ignoring her while i was with my boyfriend.. the hell with it, i need a friend, and she’s the only one that knows how to handle this. i want to see her, and i just hope she wants to see me too.

Her house is only a five minute walk from mine, so, i think i can make it there without breaking down from the pain. i keep zoning out, just thinking about him. i’ve heard so many times that it helps if you accept what happened, but i find myself denying it. which didn’t help at all, it actually made it worse. instead of not believing that it happened, it made it seem so much more real.

I heard footsteps coming from in front of me, and out of habit, forgetting about how my appearance was in a terrible state from my silent crying. i was face to face with a woman and her child. the mother gave me this look of sympathy, but i just looked away and had a glance at the daughter. her daughter was a gorgeous girl, as gorgeous as a girl her age can be i guess. i can just imagine how many hearts she will break when she’s older. when she spoke, it kind of brought me back to reality. i didn’t hear what she had said at the beginning, but i caught the end. “…wrong with her? she’s pretty, why is she crying?” “i don’t know sweetie, but i don’t think we should ask.” it warmed me inside to think that she thought i was pretty, but realization hit. she’s only about 6, she couldn’t understand.

I got to Joanna’s house, and i can’t lie, it felt a bit weird to be there. I used to be here everyday, but, I haven’t been here in about a month. Walking up the steps that led to her porch was even worse. I could barely bring myself to ring the doorbell, but somehow, i did, not even realizing i did. I expected Joanna to open the door, being her usual bubbly self, but instead, it was her mom. Joanna’s mom wasn’t the prettiest woman ever, but she did have beautiful eyes, and Joanna was lucky enough to inherit  them. The rest of Joanna’ looks came from her dad’s side, which of filled with women who i was envious of. “Oh, hello Amy. I haven’t seen you here for awhile! If you’re looking for Joanna, she hasn’t come home from school yet. What’s wrong honey?” Her mom was always nice to me, but i felt that knot in my throat again, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to tell her the story without breaking down. i said, “oh, it’s nothing. thanks anyways.” i said with a smile.

I walk out of her porch, and start down her driveway when my boyfriend’s car pulls up, and Joanna gets out. What was she doing with him? Shouldn’t he be with that girl he was snogging? i greeted her like usual, “Hey Joanna! Don’t hang out with Jason anym-” wait a second. Joanna was in Jason’s car. Jason was kissing the girl in his car.. Joanna, her hair is a bit messy, which it never is, and her lipstick is faded… “IT WAS YOU. YOU’RE THE ONE WHO, WHO JASON WAS KISSING” i screamed it so loud that if she was any closer, i would have shattered her ear drum. Joanna tried to keep me calm, “Amy, please babe, please, let me explain” nothing would work, i was furious.  ”EXPLAIN? THIS SEEMS PRETTY OBVIOUS TO ME. YOU WERE SNOGGING MY BOYFRIEND. MY OWN BEST FRIEND, THE ONE I TRUSTED, AND YOU BETRAYED ME. HOW COULD YOU JOANNA?” and with that, i couldn’t take it any more, I just broke out into tears, and stormed off.

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