Live While You're Young

Elena had always dreamed of being a big star, little did she know all her dreams would come true. And just to her luck, she gets to stand on stage next to her best friend Sadie. Being the opening act for one of the biggest boy bands in the world, One Direction, may turn out to be the best and worst thing that has ever happened to the two girls.


4. He could be the one

"Thanks alot" I said as I looked directly into her eyes. She looked so upset with herself I knew I couldn't stay mad at her.

"I'm so sorry El! If I had known what you two were doing I would have never came out, promis." She ment it, I knew she did. I felt the scowl on my face soften which made her look alot more relieved.

"I know, It's ok. You actually saved me a little out there. I don't think I could have handled what was about to come." It was the truth. If I had kissed Harry, what would happen? He wouldn't ask to be with me and there was no way I would ask him to be with me either. It would have ruined the friendship we had built and that wasn't worth the risk.

"You sure? You know I would never intentionally sabatoge a moment like that for you." Sadie was so upset I couldn't help but smile at her to make her see that it would all be fine. She was such a genuine friend, it wasn't worth the arguement.

"I swear, it's gonna be just fine." I hugged her and we both knew it was over. We spent the rest of the night talking about how lucky we were to be with the boys on tour, and also gossiping about our one on ones with Harry and Niall.

"He's so sweet and loving, it was like he had known we were ment for eachother for years." Sadie gushed on about their date at a ice skating rink. They seemed to really click and I was excited for her. She had her heart broken right before we had left for London by her ex- Duke. He had cheated on her with none other than her younger sister, Bridgett. Needless to say, Sadie and Bridgett nolonger spoke.

Seeing Sadie so happy after what had happened was a relief. All I would ever want for her was to be happy and in love, and who knows, maybe Niall is the one.

"So, what happened with you and Harry? Tell me everything!" And I did, I skipped all the boring parts, went on and on about the juicy details, and finally ended with her barging out the front door. "It was going so perfect before I ruined it! I'm really sorry."

"Don't be, it was still perfect."

We woke the next moring and it was raining, something we'd have to get used to being in London, I guess. We made a mad dash for our car and the same into our rehersal studio. When we arrived dripping wet, all 5 boys were there, but noone else.

"Hey girls!" Louis voice was so welcoming, it was almost like hearing a protective big brother speak to me. We all warmed up together with me on piano playing scales. I kept my eyes on the keys for the most part, but when I did look up my eyes shot straight at Harry. He was always looking in my direction, and he smiled and me everytime our eyes met.

After rehersal that day, we all went out for coffee. Sadie and Niall were clearly an item. They never left eachothers sides and their hands were always intertwined. We sat at a counter in a little dinner, Niall, Saide, Zayne, Louis, Me, and Harry, taking up about half the seats.

Everyonce and a while, Harry would squeeze my knee and put a hand over mine. I couldn't help but smirk the entire time we were there. Louis even shocked me alittle at what he told me when Harry had excused himself to the bathroom.

"Be careful, alright? Harry's my bestfriend, and he's got a big heart. But, he can be really fragile if you're not cautious with how you treat him. I care about him too much to see another girl break him." He cared so much, it was like they were truely brothers. It was really sweet how he looked out for his friend and it made me want to be with Harry even more; knowing that he had made such and impact on Louis must mean he was pretty damn special. And he was.

I left with Harry and we took a taxi to his flat. Turns out, him and Louis shared one while Liam, Naill and Zayn shared another just below them. When I walked through the door, I was instantly hit by the smell of cologne, the same that Harry wore everyday. It had to be the most intoxicating smell ever.

We spent the night together on his couch, watching Lion King and talking about our lives. I leanred that he had only been in love once, it was before the x factor and her name was Felicity. I told him how I never truely loved anyone, because I was too afraid of ever getting hurt.

"That's no way to live. If you never love, you can't be alive." He was right, and the way things felt so natural when I was with him felt so right. I was falling for him, and I didn't want to be caught.

Once the movie was over i felt myself getting sleepy. Louis had gone to a "friends" house for the night, I'm not sure who's it was because noone spilled the details, but I had a feeling it was Ashli's. I got up and started to head for Louis room, thinking I should sleep there and Harry in his when I felt a tug on my arm.

"Where are you going?" Harry was half way off the couch and his hair was a mess, but somehow he still managed to look incedibly sexy.

"Bed." It was a dumb question, where did he think I was going at 1 in the morning?

"My room is the other way, silly." He had the cutest sleepy smile on his face that all I could do was bend down and kiss his forehead. He got up and walked with me to his room, where he gave me a tshirt to sleep in.

We crawled into his bed and he immediately put his arms around my waist and got real close. I could feel his breath on my face as we lay there and everything just felt so right.

The closer he got to me, the more comfertable I felt. It was as if this was where I was always ment to be. Then, it happened. He touched my lips ever so softly with his. It was so genuine, like a kiss that said "i love you", more than words ever could.

We spent the majority of the night lying there nestled perfectly with eachothers body's. And as I driffted off to sleep, I inhaled the smell of Harry one last time, then closed my eyes, hoping morning would never come.


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