Bring Me Back

This is a fanfic about a 17 year old girl named Presley and Zayn Malik. She meets him at a one direction concert and something dreadful happens which causes her to die. While she is dead and trying to be revived she replays her whole life inside her head remembering her times with Zayn. Her memories might be the only thing that can save her life.


1. love at first sight

"oh my gosh Kiley im so excited!" i yelled as i pulled my car up besides Kileys house.  she hopped in my car and buckled. "Me to! i cant believe we got box seats to a one direction concert. its amaZAYN" i laughed at her pun and popped our one direction disc in the CD player. "I wanna stay Up all night and jump around-" we sang along. "harry is gonna fall madly in love with me when he sees my shirt." kiley said as i laughed at her dream. "yeah okay." i said sarcasticly. "it could happen!" she screamed. we laughed and sang along to our favorite songs.

we pushed through the crowds on crazed fans to get to our seats. we had front row tickets. if they cam close enough to us we could pull them off the stage. not that we would ever do that. i thought sneakily.

"How are you guys tonight!" i heard Niall Horan yell as the boys ran out on stage. "Oh my god Presley!" kiley screamed in my ear gribbing my shirt and jumping up and down. i shrugged her off and searched the stage for my black haired beauty. i spotted him. Zayn Malik. the deffinition of 'a god'. i kept my eyes on him then something i couldnt even imagine happened. he saw me as well. we made eye contact and he smiled at me. he walked to the edge of the stage and came closer to me and Kiley. she was barely breathing. he squated down in front of me and whispered something in my ear. "hand me your phone babe." he said. i didnt hesitate to pull my blackberry out of my pocket. i handed it to him and he typed something rather quickly. he handed me my phone, winked and went back to the rest of the boys.

kiley gasped for air as she torn my phone from my hands. her eyes wided and she handed it back to me with terribly shakey hands. "Kiley what the-" i was cut off as i saw the ten digits in my phone. Zayn Malik had given me his phone number.


OOOOOKAY! well sorry its short. its just a started chapter so you can see how they meet. please comment, fave, and become a fan of me! it would mean a lot.


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