Deux Amours, Une Décision

Kennedy West has lived in Montigny-le-Roi France her whole life and has never left the country once. She has always dreamed of living in London after she read about it one day in her school library. Her parents were very hesitant of the idea to send her off to a whole new city, let alone a whole new country. But she finally convinced her parents when she won the job of a lifetime. She was the new assisstant for the band One Direction.


3. 5 Super Cute Boys

Louis looked over at me and a smile escaped his mouth. I watched as 4 really excited boys raced into the room. The boys all ran and stopped in front of me. My eyes wandered from each boys face and I said shyly, Hi I'm Kennedy! I held out my hand to shake each one of their hands. I first shook the brown haired one with brown eyes. He shook my hand  and said, Its a pleasure to meet you Kennedy! I smiled at him and said, it's a pleasure to meet you too. He smiled back. I looked at the next boy and held my hand out towards him. He was blonde with ocean blue eyes. Hi Kennedy, I'm Niall. Hi Niall! I said excitedly. The next boy had dark spiky hair and brown eyes. Vas Happenin Kennedy! I'm Zayn. I giggled. I shook his hand and replied, Bonjour Zayn! He laughed. I looked at the next boy out of the corner of my eye and I could see him checking me out. I smiled. I turned to look at him. I held out my hand. I do hugs. He stated. He pulled me into a hug and then whispered in my ear, By the way I'm Harry! We pulled away from the hug. I smiled and said, Hi Harry! Boy these boys were cute! Best job ever! I turned to face all the boys.  I'm hungry! What's for dinner? I asked. NANDOS. Niall screamed. What's Nandos? I ask. Niall looked at me disappointedly. I'm so sorry for your loss! We all busted up laughing. Well let's have Nandos! I say to excitedly. All the boys yell, YA!  Niall ran off and called Nandos and ordered the food. Wanna play a game, Kennedy? Harry asked. Sure. What game? The boys all looked at me with smiles and shouted in unison, QUICKFIRE! Let's do it then. I shouted. Harry grabbed my hand and ran with me to the couch while the boys followed. We sat down and they started firing the questions at me. Pizza or Tacos? Pizza. I answered. Roses or Lillie's? Roses. Brunettes or Blondes? Brunettes. I answered. Niall started pouting. I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He perked right up.  Harry asked, Single or Not? Single. I replied. All the boys whistled and hooted, but all I could think about was Kody. We kept playing until the food arrived. When it did Niall jumped around like a little boy on Christmas morning. He was so cute! The boys all ran over to the food and started devouring it. They tried to stuff as much food in their mouth at once. it was like we're afraid of someone else eating more than they did. I walked over and joined them, trying to snatch whatever food I could get my hands on. We were all enjoying the meal and laughing at each others food covered faces. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out and looked at the number but I didn't recognize it. Hey I have to take this. I'll be back in a minute. The boys all nodded in approval and went back to scarfing down their food. I  laughed at them. I walked outside to the terrace and answered the phone. Hello? I asked. Hello Kennedy. This is Kody, and I want to get back together.
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