Alone On Christmas

Its about a girl names Kortney and she meets Harry at a new high school she joined and they end u being friends. Please read it will be good i promis okay thanks


1. Waiting For Sasha

I sat up and felt the warm breeze fly into the room through the window. I sat straight up and looked over towards the door, my younger sister burst in and screamed, "KORTNEY!! Wake up its the-" she said before she stopped. "I'm already up." i said. I got up and walked over to my closet and walked in. My Mom got a huge house for us all to live in when i was five, we've been living here for a while now. I heard my door burst open and my mom and dad burst in, "Kortney!!!! ITS YOUR FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!" They screamed. I looked at them and frowned. I went back to picking out a outfit. I got through the back of my closet and found a box with a note attached. I read it in my head, "Kortney, This is for you on the first day of High School." it was in tiny child print. I remember writing this, I Thought. I opened the box and found a pair of Jeans, Pink blouse, and a White Jacket. I got dressed and walked to the cross walk. I waited for Five minutes when a girl in bright blue ran down the street. "Kortney! Kortney! I'm here!" she yelled. I smiled at gave her a hug. We walked across the street to the High School.

"First day of high school..." She said. I grabbed my books tight, "Yep, and were going to make it count." i said.

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