Thank You Rabbit

Short story for kids!


1. A Joyful Surprise

Thank You Rabbit: A Joyful Surprise

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There once was a maple tree, which lived in a dessert, named Root. The baby maple needed water so it looked. Without any luck root stopped looking and feared to lose the only two leaves on his one branch.

Root’s roots were beneath the sand aching for a drink. It’s cold down there, the dirt dry, and not many creatures—one or two every now and then.

“What ever will I do?” thought Root.

Suddenly Root heard scratching near his roots. The young maple looked to see what it was but saw nothing.

“Scratch, scratch,” yet again Root heard scratching and looked. There, something came out of the ground. It was a rabbit.

“Oh rabbit…” Roots said.

“…won’t you acquire some water for me to drink, the Sun is high in the sky and I have none?” Roots asked.

The rabbit looked at Root and paused starring at the young tree. Reached for its left ear with its left hind leg it scratched. Just then the rabbit hopped away.

Root watched as the rabbit left and was very sad. Closing his eyes, the maple wept.

Suddenly, a large thundering rumble was heard from the distance. The rumble got louder and felt closer to Root. The young sapling was afraid because the thundering got closer. It felt like the thundering was just above Root and the tree was frightful.

Clenching his eyes Root said “go away thunder, go away.”

The thundering stopped.

“Drip,” something fell on one of Root’s leaves. It was water.

Root turned his face up towards the sky and opened his eyes. Clouds have covered him as he wept. It started to poor and the sapling was very happy and continued crying with tears of joy.

Root again heard a scratch at his roots, and looked to see what it was. Out of the ground came five rabbits; three cute babies, a mother rabbit, and the same rabbit he saw earlier. They ran straight into Root’s trunk where there was a hole just big enough for all of them to fit.

Root smiled and said soothingly, “thank you rabbit.”

The End

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