Dressed all Drab

A Teenagers Life...


2. Mindless

It had been two long, hard days since I'd spoken to Callie. I didn't actually want to speak to her ever again.

I leant on the Desk of the Pharmacy, waiting for something exciting, or even, a Customer to walk through the door. Time passed slowly, and I was world's most impatient person.

The door jingled suddenly, and my eyes set on a face, pale, cute, brown floppy hair and daring green eyes.

He smiled ; dimples entering his face.

I smiled back, and I felt myself grow hot, and red.

He scanned the shelves, spending time looking from each shelf, too the next, and finally, with a pale hand, he picked up what he was looking for.

He made his way towards me, and placed a box of Paracetamol on the desk.

"That'll be, uh..."


"Uhh, yeah".

He tucked his hand in his pocket, and pulled out the exact amount of change. He placed it in my hand, just skimming my skin.

A shiver dived down my spine, and I felt a little tingly.

"Thanks" he spoke, his voice husky, and deep.

He spun round, and casualy walked out the door.

He was gone.

My heart beat fast, and I felt myself go red, even though no-body was there to see it.

My manager came out from round the back.

"Did we have a customer?".

I couldn't speak, I was stunned.

"I guess so, because you still have the, urm, change in your hand".

I blinked, and looked too the direction of my hand.

I did.

"Oh, christ, I'm sorry!"

I shoved the money in the cashier, and went back to leaning on the desk.

"Oh, uh, yes".

A lady walked in through the door, wearing the same white, buttoned coat as me.

"Oh, hi, Burnadette! Uh, here, it's your shift now. Bye sir!"

I rushed round the counter, and ripped my coat off. I made my way outside, and walked down the path.

I could see the man who'd come into the shop, leaning against a wall, texting on his phone.

He was smiling a dimply smile, and I could hear the light jingle of his phone.

He's proberly texting a girlfriend, I thought sadly, and a plan evolved in my head.

I planned to strut past him casualy, and make myself look older, and prettier.

The idea rolled about in my head, and a picture of me strutting looked kind of un-attractive.

But I still wanted to go through with it.

I walked slowly, with my head slightly down, and my fringe covering one eye. My small heels clicked against the ground, and my dress began to feel really loose, and flowy.

I felt pretty, for once!

As I walked past, he looked up.

"Hey" he grinned, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Oh, hi. Using those tablets correctly?"

"Only doing what the label says"

"Ha, yeah. Um, so, what's your name?"

"Shane. Shane Lowman. And you?"

"Oh, Felicity Nighel"

"Oh, cool name"

"Aww, thanks, you too".

There was a pause between us.

For once, I couldn't think of anything to say!

"So, Felicity, do you work at the Pharmacy 24/7? I've see you a couple of times, not that much"

"Oh, no, I only work there 3 times a week. I work with medicine qiute alot, so I'm usually in the back. I guess working at the counter counts as most of the work, right?"

"I suppose, because, I can't see through the wall too the back"

"Ha! I guess"

"You shouldn't guess, it's not scientific"

"So, you like science too?"

"Uh huh".

It went quiet again.

Open question, open question!

"So, how long have you lived here?" I quizzed.

"Um, that's a little random. But, yeah, I've just moved here. What are you going to do next, ask me where I live?"

"Not a bad idea, really"

"Yeah, yeah, everyone wants to know where I live"

"Self-centered much?"

"Just a bit".

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