Dressed all Drab

A Teenagers Life...


1. Decite


I struggeled to get my sneakers on, tying the knot too quickly, and missing the loop.

I was late; I was supposed to be meeting Callie in Petit mignon Cafe. 

I raced down the stairs, grabbed my keys, and locked my door. I hopped into my Camero SS, and sped through town, until I reached The Plaza. I parked up my car, and jumped onto the curb.

I ran quickly, past shops I'd never been in, places I'd never visited, places I'd never actually heard of.

Petit mignon Cafe was in view, and I could make out Callie's figure.

She was sitting alone, taking slow sips of a drink I couldn't quite catch the name of. When I approuched, she looked up, and placed her drink on the table.

"God, Felicity, take your bloomin' time!" Callie sighed, as I sat down at the table.

There was a cup in front of me, full of what looked like Iced-tea.

"Uh, thanks".

I took one refreshing sip of my iced-tea, and held it steadily in my hand.

"So, I was thinking about what KC told me, and I've decided to break up with him"

"I totally agree. I think that, if he did do that, then yeah, he might do it again. I knew he was a cheater. God, we need to find you the right man, Felicity"

"I know, whe ever I find the right boy, he just, you know, isn't as I want him to be. He's either a big bully, has nasty habbits, or he does things like KC  does, and gets away with it" I moaned, taking another delighful sip of my iced-tea.

Callie nodded.

"Good on ya" she smiled, and drank the rest of her latte, leaving the cup on the table. She rummaged through her bag, and pulled out her cellphone.

"Here, call KC from this. I know you left your cell at home, because, you were late. No doubt you've lost it again".

I plucked the phone out her hand.

"Thanks. I am sooo putting this on loud speaker. Say something rude when I'm about to hang up, kay?".


A little while later, Callie and I took a walk through The Smallton Park, chatting about boys and cheeky schemes we'd come up with a few years back.

"You know what? Why don't you come over to my place? I have enough food for dinner later? How about it?"

I agreed.

"It'll be cool. I bet Collage works you extra hard, doesn't it?"

" I don't go too Collage anymore. I left a few days back. I work in a quiet Pharmacy now, it's really nice there"

"Ha, well, maybe when I get ill, I'll get you to subscribe me something".

I opened my mouh to reply, but I heard someone behind me calling my name.

I spun round to face...KC?

"KC, what do you want? I broke up with you, I'm not changing my mind, so go away"

"I'm not here to see you, Felicity, I'm here to see Callie".

I tilted my head slightly, with a confuesed look on my face.

"You what?"

"Callie. You haven't told her, have you"

"Oh for god's sake KC! You ruin everything!".

I couldn't understand what they were yapping on about. I looked a right fool, standing there with my head to the side, a strange expression taking over my face.

"Haven't told me what? Callie, what in hells name are you two on about?"

"Look, Felicity, it was me, okay? I was the one KC was going out with. I knew that you knew something was going on with him, so I had to try to disguise myself so you wouldn't kno-"

"Callie, that is...harsh. So, so harsh. I thought you were my mate. Callie, your a stupid, no-mannored backstabber. Go to hell".

I spun round, and ran off.

I could hear Callie calling my name, but I didn't dare go back, and I wouldn't ever speak to her again.

I continued to run all the way to my car, got in, and drove off.

My mind was so muddeled.

I couldn't think straight.

The person I had just sat with, the person who had been my mate all my life, was actually a selfish user, who couldn't be bothered to find her own man.

I kept my foot down on the Acceleration, and my hands on the wheel.

I turned the corner, and began to gradually slow down, as my Driveway was in view.

I turned the wheel, and and pulled the Handbrake.

I stepped out of my Camero SS , and locked it up.

I had to rush inside my house as it began to rain, the drops splashing on my arms, and droplets getting stuck in my hair. I pushed open the front door, and shut it quickly behind me. I could smell Bacon, so I knew my room-mate must have been home.

"Felicity, is that you? I'm making Bacon Sandwiches for dinner, because we've run out of...well...everything" Hope called from the kitchen.

I walked into the kitchen, and sat down at the small dining table.

"It's okay, Hope, I'll go shopping tomorrow. It's my day off work, again"

"No, it's alright, Felicity, I'll go. We take it in turns, okay?"

"Yeah, sure, okay".

The bacon looked crispy, so Hope stopped frying them, and put them into fresh, white rolls. She opened up the fridge, and took out the Ketchup and Mayonaise.

She placed them on the table, and finally sat down, and tucked in with me.

We ate quietly, and when we'd both finished, I offered to do the dishes.

Hope went off upstairs to get ready for a Party she'd been invited too, and I decided to stay in for the evening, and watch Chickflicks until she came back.

After 20 minutes, Hope came waltzing down the stairs, wearing a flowy top, and checkered leggings, with Black Sneakers to top it all off. Her hair was bumped up, and she'd applied a little bit of mascara and lippy.

"Don't forget the eyeliner!" I spoke, as she opened the door.

"Crap, your right!".

She raced off up the stairs, and brought it back down the stairs with her.

"I'll put it on when I get there, because, I don't want to be late"

"Okay. Take the car. Don't you dare scratch it"

"Thanks, I'll be careful. Bye bye".

The front door slammed.

The house was silent.

I sat alone in the living room, watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.


I suddenly woke up.

The house was dark, and I'd heard a noise.

"Hello?" I spoke.

"It's only me" Hope whispered, as she crept in through the front door.

"Oh, thank god, I thought some Robber who wanted to kill me" I replied, and rubbed my eyes.

"What time is it, anyway?"


My voice kind of trailed, and I felt myself drift back into a sleep.


































































































































































































































































































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