Let the sound of there voice bring you up

when a little girl age 11 gets told that her biggest dream will never come true by her mother herself, she goes to the 1d boys for help to begin her dream, but will they help or just think she is one of those crazed fans?


1. crushed like ice

I woke up as normal and had a tingling of hope. It was weird because i never really felt hope because all i was ever doing was trying to live up to my parents perfect brittsh girl thingy. they wanted me to be perfect at school with friends , dinner table and even when mums best riend comes round and she is the least mannered and perfect person living on the whole entire universe! Its so unfare. any way mum came hom from work and sat at the table looking at me and my older brother. staring at us with cold eyes. Very unmumly! "so mum" i say breaking the silence. "children this is a serious question that i ould like both f of you to answer, since you are getting older domonic" she says looking towards dom with a frown ' I to ask you both this, what is your carrier going to be? an immediate answer came into my mind, shall i say it ??? No its stupid mum will never understand, but what else will i say i want to become a dentist ????? No way tell the truth its worth a try "a singer mum, one that sings on stages and earns mega bucks every day" mum gives a huge cackle of laughter and she laughs so much her face turns red. "darling that is the stupidest answer in history , give over girl your dream will never come true how about you become a high powered surgeon they make mega bucks aswell?" No mum you have no idea none at all juast because you're life did not work out for you you dont have to make mine a misery aswell?" and with that i got a wack and was told to go out of her sight i burst into tears and cried my self of to sleep.
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