Fell for you

Its been a year since Harry and Becca have been dating, they see each other as much as they can because Becca lives in another country and Harry is always touring. Harry proposes to her but will she be willing to move to england to be with him?


1. Chapter one

Beccas POV
I sighed and looked around my room, posters upon posters of my boyfriend were plastered all over my walls and then my eyes fixated on my closet there were hundreds of photo booth pictures of us. I picked up my ipad and messaged him "i miss you when are you coming to see me?" and hit send, almost immedialty he responded with "hehehe" and then 3 minuites later i heard a knock on the door, i ran out of my room and upstairs to the door, thinking it was my brothers friend i opened it and looking down i said "go on down." "but baby i want to hang out with you!" a boy with a british accent responded back to me. I looked up immediatly to see an 18 year old hunk with brown curly hair and bright green eyes. I jumped in his arms and started to cry because i haven't seen him in about 3 weeks. I get off of him and we walk down into my room. He starts to look around and smiles. He sets down a meduim sized box and 12 real roses and 1 plastic one in a boquet on my dresser. He sits down on my bed and i sit beside him as we catch up. "so are you coming with me?" he askes with a wink. "yeah!" i say with an excited voice, this will be the first time i've been in england. I walk over to my closet and start throwing shirts, pants and underwear in my suitcase.
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