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The world of gymnastics is a cruel one and when you get injured on the job you will be seen as easy prey. That's exactly what happened to me. I'm on the UK's Olympic Gymnast team and one day it's all taken from me when I left the gym on a stretcher. Now, I'm fighting my way back to the top of my team. That's the whole point of this whole stunt. Everything with him was perfect, but I couldn't allow that. I could only be with him for a year and a half. That's it. That's the whole point of this publicity stunt, to get back to the top, not to fall for each other. I would NOT, under any circumstnaces, let myself fall in love with Harry Styles.


1. The Plan

"Rue, before you leave, I need a word with you" said Grettea, my publicist.

"Alright, well i'm almost done now so do you just want to have that word now?"

"No," she said curtly. For those who didn't know Grettea, they would say she was mean and cold-hearted. Well, even those who do know her say it because it's true. "You need to work on your routines. Need I remind you that you were gone for five months. There's no time to waste, hop to it!" And with a clap of her hands she turned and entered the coaches office.

I put my headphones back in and continued it with my routine on the balance beam. It had been a dull five months since I had an accident on the beam which almost cost me my spot on the Olympic Team. I looked around and noticed I was alone. I was just about to do a simple jump when I just sat down. I had finally come back to the place that was like a home to me. I've done gymnastics for as long as I can possibly remember and there's never been any hesitation or need to quit for me. I've always loved doing gymnastics. And I know I always will.


"RUEXANDRA ROTAR! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Screamed Grettea, who was standing infront of me with her finger pointed directly at me. And yeah, I know, weird name.


"I'm sorry, Grettea! I just sat down for a minute, what's the big deal" I said as I hopped off the beam and began walking towards my belongings and pulling my headphones out when I noticed there were others in the hall. I couldn't see their face, just their sillouettes.

"You have been sitting there for nearly thirty minutes, Rue! That's the big deal! I told you to come and see me when you finished with your routine, not to just sit on the beam and be off in little Rue-Land! Why don't you ever listen to me?!"

"I do listen. I just choose not to obery all the time. Can I go now?"

"No! I need to speak with you about something! Now go change into your clothes and see me in my office. You have ten minutes before I come and find you and you get into more trouble."

"Yes, ma'am." Normally, I never listened to Grettea, but she seemed extremely tense today. I gathered my belongings and made my way to the lobby so I could go to the Women's Bathroom to put on my clothes and change out of my training clothes, which consisted of a leotard. Barely any clothing to be honest, since mine was tight and had no sleeves.

"Do you even know who this girl is?" said a voice from the lobby.

"No, Paul just told me to come here and I didn't want to be alone so I brought you" said another voice.

Slowly, I left the hallway and briskly walked to the bathroom. There were two guys standing in the lobby, with thier backs turned away from me so I made a quick and quite bee-line for the bathroom doors. Who were they? Maybe that's what has Grettea in such a bad mood? Well, I guess I'll find out soon enough. I didn't want to use my full ten minutes so I quickly ripped my clothes off and pulled some on and put on my friends One Direction hoodie, which was extremely comfortable, the whole reason as to me wearing it, and re-applied my foundation since I sweat most of it off. I checked my phone and was surprised that I had done all that in less than five minutes. "Well, that's a new personal best, huh, Rue?" I said to myself and began to walk out of the bathroom.

The two boys from earlier had left and were no where to be seen. I walked back into the gym and climbed the short stair case that lead to our coaches officer where I knew Grettea could be found. "Ah, and there's our little Rue-Rue!" said Grettea in an uncommonly sweet voice. My face must've looked a bit dumbstruck because she came over to me and put an arm around my shoulders and ushered me to the seat infornt of the desk. One of the boys from earlier was sitting in the one right beside mine. "Rue, this is Harry Styles, one of the singers from One Direction."

Harry smiled and stuck out his hand while all I could do was blush and look at him like a fish. Not because he's bloody beautiful, but because I was wearing a One Direction sweat shirt. Infront of one of the singers for that band. Meeting him for the first time. "Ah... Um... One moment please!"

I don't think I've ran out of any door faster than that. That was so embarrassing! The sweater wasn't even mine! It was a friends! I was just wearing it because it was comfortable!

I ripped the sweatshirt off and threw it down the stair well and made a mental note not to forget it on my way out. I recomposed myself and opened the door and walked back in and sat down, avoiding all eye contact with Harry Styles.

"Now, I'm sure your both wondering why your here together. Well, I've been in contact with Mr. Styles publicists since you, Rue, fell off the beam a few months ago. I knew that that fall would hurt your career and I knew it'd be hard for you to make your way back into the eyes of Britain so I took some precautions that I figured would help. And, not long ago, you, Mr. Styles, were one of the enemies of the paps for dating Ms. Flack and that other woman who was married. So, since these series of events happened around the same time, I teamed up with your publicist and we created the perfect plan to bring both of you back to the top. The duration of this plan will go on until the end of the Olympics which is a little over year and a half away. So, now for the plan. You two will become the UK's favorite couple, meaning, you two will be dating. Fake dating of course. So, you two will be 'dating' for a year and a half and then get into a fight and break up. Now, you will not be scripted on everything. Most of the things are among your own saying and decisions but important things like your big break up will be scripted. Other than that, everything is of your own will. If either one of you do something that exposes this plan or makes it obvious, then you will be punished. We haven't decided what that'll be yet and we don't plan on having to have that talk. Now, before you start to argue that this is 'against my own will' and we have 'no right to do this,' we do. And I'm sorry to say that if you don't go along with this, we will have to drop you and you will have to find new publicisits. So, are we all on board with this?" Grettea finished with a big smile.

I looked over to Harry to see his reaction and was surprised to see him doing the same to me. "Well, do we have much of a say? We kind of have to be on board with this."

I nodded my head to what Harry said. "Well, that's the spirit Harry! Now, exchange numbers and such so you two can get to know each other and Rue, you can leave the gym around 5:30 tomorrow so Harry can pick you up and you two can go to lunch or do something to catch the paps eyes."

I exchanged numbers with Harry and Grettea was pushing us out of the office telling us we needed to do something tonight as well and then slamming the office door shut, leaving Harry and I alone for the first time. "Well, I can text you later and we can figure out what we're doing tonight if you'd like?" Harry said from behind me as I walked down the stars and picked up the sweatshirt, being sure to hide the front.

"Well, maybe we should plan now so I can get ready and stuff.. I've been here since around 6:30 this morning so I'm sure I don't smell like roses" and surprisingly, he laughed at my lame joke.

"Okay, well we could grab a bite to eat then go to a movie or bowling?"

"I like movies... I haven't seen Thor yet. Does that sound okay to you?"

"Yeah, love, sounds fine to me. I'll pick you up at 6:00 and I'll text you for your address later."

"Okay, sounds good to me." By now, we had reached my car, which he had kindly walked me to.

"Uhm, well, goodbye for now, I guess?" I said seeing as he hadn't left my car yet and I was already sitting in the drivers seat.

"Oh yeah, bye! I'll see you later!" He called over his shoulder as he jogged back to his Range Rover that was already started with another body sitting in the passengers seat with a thumbs up sign.


Hi guys :) So this is like my old Fan-Ficition but I had this other idea that I wanted to do so I changed it up :) New title, new names (kind of), and new ideas. For those who've seen the cover, yes, I'm using Emma Watson to play the part of Rue.

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! Favorite and comment please :)


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