Shy love

Hi I'm Dylan. I'm not te most confident person. I never really talk. My parents are strict on studdies. Tey want me to be a lawyer. But I just want to dance. I love to do ballet. It's my life. I get accepted into an arts school but I know my parents won't let me go. I have to take the biggest risk of my life and tell them I'm going to study law. Theres one problem... It's in London. Who knows what my dad will do to me if he finds out.


1. Head down

My dad locked me in my room. I 'disobeyed' him by taking a break. I sit on my bed reading chemistry books. I look up. No Dylan you can't. Dad will catch you. I look at the book again and start reading. My mind kept trailing to dance. I get up and take my bag with my dance stuff in it. I climb out the window making sure my dad doesn't see me. I climb down the tree and run around the block. The performing arts teacher at school also worked in an arena. Concerts and musicals were held there. I walk through the doors and go to the bathrooms. I change into tights a leotard and a skirt. I walk onto the stage and set my bag down. 'Dylan! I didn't expect you to be here so soon!' my teacher sees me on stage. 'oh hi mr mason. I'm sorry I just had to have a break from home.' I say as I put my ballet shoes on. 'oh never mind it's fine. We have a concert rehearsal on in a few minutes so you have that long. Have fun' he wal out f te auditorium. I pull my hair back into a tight bun and pull my sleeves up revealing scars. 'jake!' I yell to the music guy. He puts on some music. I twirl and do a whole ballet routine. I was almost at te end when I was doing multiple twirls and I saw five boys looking at me. I stopped and looked down te went overto my bag. I picked it up and started to go down the stairs. 'wait! That was awesome! Why'd you stop?' I turn back still looking at the ground. I shrug then continue on my way. 'hold on!' a different boy says and takes my arm. 'what's your name?' he asks. 'Dylan' I mumble. 'pardon love? I didn't hear' he says. 'Dylan' I say at the same volume then run around and leave again. 'wait!' they all call. I run do they don't stop me.
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