As Poems Go



2. A Wonderful Mouse!

A Wonderful Mouse!



There once was a mouse that lived in a box,

Insignificant he may seem, but as smart as a fox.


So many journeys and triumphs he schemed,

Valiantly defending his mistress, the queen.


On a bright and sunny day, playing in the hay,

The mouse saw a bunny, a bunny to slay.


He pulled out his sword as valiant can be,

But the bunny refused, refused to be mean.


“Have at thee,” the mouse cried with courage as such,

“Choose a path mouse, may I say this much?”


The mouse quickly stopped, puzzled indeed,

“Sheeth thy sword and be’ist thou redeemed.”


There in the distance, horns of royalty, the queen,

“I will do no such thing, have at thee” the mouse did heed.


“So be it,” the bunny replied, with a scare in his eyes,

The mouse attacked until dead it lied.


“My deer queen my love, look what I’ve slain”

The queen looked upon it and only felt pain.


“Do not weep my love; it was a beast with a mane,”

“Could it be my prince, you’ve killed it in vain?”


The queen lie weeping and the mouse be shamed,

“Could it be? I’ve killed for a name?”


Just then the mouse heard a gasp or a cry,

He looked upon the bunny, “there, a twinkle in his eye.”


The mouse ran quickly to aid the bunny’s side,

“This looks bad” he said “Driver, put him inside.”


They  rode swiftly to a mouse, Doc Johnny.

A suitable surgeon for the poor ol’ bunny.


They arrived just in time for tea and honey,

But the mouse said, “no time, here take this money.”


After a while, the mouse and his queen had left,

Visiting him each day, which was the best.

The bunny came to, and greeted with a smile,

“So you chose that one? Took you a while!”


The mouse stood in wonder and remembered what was said,

The words were beautiful, for the bunny was not dead.


Later that day the bunny, again, played in the hay,

The mouse looked at him, “what a beautiful day!”


Just then in the bushes, something had moved,

“Bunny get behind me, it’s a fox,” he ruled.


Pulling out his sword, he knew where the fox would be,

“If I were a fox, where would I be?”


He looked and said, “there…”

Behind, a thick lair


The fox jumped out, and straight at the Hair,

“Ahaa!” the mouse shouted, “get out of there.”


The bunny ran quickly quicker then they,

But then there was no movement, and the fox lay.


The bunny returned and looked for the mouse,

But could not find him, so he checked in the mouth.


There from inside out threw his sword

“You have fought valiantly, what a Wonderful Mouse!”


From there on they went home, and played ever after,

A mouse that lived in a box, now riddled with laughter!

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