Diary of a werewolf

This the diary of a ordinary girl who was born a werewolf when she turns 16 she is sent to a private school to find this school isn't a normal school it's a school for werewolfs . But she isn't a normal werewolf her big secret will be revealed . Will she still be accepted?


8. A Vamps gotta do what a vamps gotta do

I wake in bed alone, I roll over and look around, 

ow shit I think as I look over at all the wolves in their bed, how am I going to explain this .


how indead boss


all the wolves look at me , I look down and thank who every put my pants on I move slightly and a little message is written in pen under my shorts,


you can thank me later x Whitefox x


we're waiting boss, Jared says bearing his teeth


well I thought while she's healing I would give her the most comfortable and biggest bed, she will sleep in mine and il sleep un hers till she is better, most of the wolves looked released because they still have a chance.



sapphires p.o.v



i walk through the forest, I am hundreds of miles from the trail, I hear a twig snap in the distance, I crouch by the remainder of a fallen tree as I spy I lion drinking from the running stream. I close my eyes and let my natural instincts take place.


i spring all teeth and claws as I rip open the lions throat and suck the blood out. 

The lion gives a strangled cry as it's life fades and it dies in my arms. 

I shut of my instincts and look down at the defenceless creature I just killed I sight and look down at the animal, I crouch down a breathe into its mouth. I walk away as the animal stands it turns to give me one las look before it bounds of into the trees.


 " the breath of of life " someone announces behind me and I don't see who it is before I attack.

my instincts rip free as I throw myself onto a black cloak.


the vampire screams in pain and someone comes up behind me trying to box me in.

i roll my eyes, seriously I think as I turn into my woof for and spring on the one behind me. Then I feel nothing like someone's robbed me of all my senses my mind gos blank and my vision becomes blurry, I can't think,


Sam, carlisle


my last thoughts before I fall to the ground . 


" we got it"





sams p.o.v



i pase the floor she's been gone for 12 hours it's not like her a few hours ago I felt a tug like she was distressed but I couldn't find her. Iv been out three times already, ok think where could she go, Cullen's . I pick up the phone and dial the number.


"This is dr.cullen how can I help you," the vampire says warmly in his honey voice.

"Hey Carlisle it's Sam, is Sapphire with you"

" no I haven't seen her today last I saw her is when I healed her, is there a problem. ?"

" yeah she went out this morning said she will be back in two hours and she hasn't come back it's been 12 hours, about three hours ago I felt a tug like she was in distress, I do to know what t do" I sigh.

" I felt it to she must be in trouble is she sends out a distress call, Il have my family scout the forest, we'll let you know if we find anything" 

" May the pack join you that way we cover more ground"

" sure"

" then il be right over" I hung up and call everyone telling the situation .

I look to the forest where are you sapphire what's wrong

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