Diary of a werewolf

This the diary of a ordinary girl who was born a werewolf when she turns 16 she is sent to a private school to find this school isn't a normal school it's a school for werewolfs . But she isn't a normal werewolf her big secret will be revealed . Will she still be accepted?


1. The final straw

Dear diary,
'THAT'S IT TOTALLY THE FINAL STRAW SAPPHIRE YOU ARE GOING TO BOARDING SCHOOL ' dad shouted at me from across the room at he Jake and lily sat there and didn't move .
'OWW scary dad the boarding school threat again you have to accept the fact that I am a werewolf and I have party's with my pack ! ' i hopped he would understand.

' I HAVE !!! you throw a party at my house and didn't tell me , you have trashed the kitchen , the bathroom is flooded and my new vase is broke ! You are going to boarding school sapphire that is it start packing your clothes ' he walked out the front door and slammed it on the way out he didn't return till 9 o'clock .

And this is how I got here in the back of the car in the middle of no wear on my way to some boarding school . I wanted to tell him how sorry I was and to beg for him to turn the car around but I couldn't , I didn't want to show him my emotions . I put my earphones in and listened to some new hits , when I glared out the window I was speechless .

It was just like I had imagined it maybe event worse , it was an old building with a big filed everyone was dressed in smart suits or skirts and White blouses . I looked around when a young male came to meet me he had an olive toned skin dark brown almost black short hair he must be young.

" hey I'm Seth , I'm going to help you around and help you fit in number one lose the mean gothic attitude I can see you are naturally a happy person what's your name " he said looking up at me.
I couldn't help my self from smiling at him .
"Sapphire Rose "
he returned the smile he was very beautiful . Just then he was joined by two of his other friends .

" hey Sapphire I would like you to meet my friends Jacob and Sam " he gestured to each of him friends .

" hey " I managed to make out .

" vampire " Sam spit through his teeth as he spat out a furious growl at he . I hissed at him crouching into a hunting crouch ready to attack.

" wo you to break it up Sapphire is here for a reason the same as us all she must be a werewolf otherwise they wouldn't of accepted her " Seth said in his high cheerful voice .

" that's impossible Seth " Sam said almost as a fact rather than a statement or opinion .
I cleared my throat quite loudly .

" thank you Seth ,Sam it's nice to meet you but it's not impossible I am half vampire half werewolf I'm a hybrid . And boys can you please show me to my room it's getting sunny and I must not be out side .
They all gave me a look ( maybe of understanding ) then headed towards the big wooden doors of the school .
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