The Frontline

This is a story based in the world of Gielinor, from the MMORPG game of "Runescape". It starts in the knight base of Custodia , north of the great city of Falador, in an area now known as the "Goblin Village". The story begins from the point of veiw of Sir Laurence Galewind, a young knight of the Falador White Knights and apart of his experience in Custodia. Meet old foes as well as a new in "The Frontline."


3. Turning Tide

We were charging into our battle. We white knights were fearless protectors of the peace. We knew our duties as knights and knew that it was up to us to protect the world from the forces of evil. As we got close to the black knights, the knight in front of me raised his shield. He raised it to soon though, I knew how he was going to block. I became a movable wall with my shield and charged into the knight in front of me. I swung my right arm, which was the arm my shield was strapped to, to the right and the black knight's shield went off to the side, his defenses were wide open. With a single movement I swung the steel mace with my left hand at the knight's head. I heard the crushing of his helmet and his skull. It was a deathblow. As his body fell I began to move forward to the second knight.

This one wielded a black two handed sword. That didn't matter though, he would still fall under the power of the white knights. He brought his sword up slowly. I quickly kneeled down in front of him and raised my shield above me and then after a quick moment, I heard a clash of metals. As his sword his me I felt the ringing in my right arm and my body sunk lower into the grassy ground. The force was great, but it wasn't good enough to take me out or disarm me. I pushed his weapon to the side with my shield, swung my mace around in a vertical circle twice then sent an upper cut with the mace at the knights jaw. I heard more bones break, it was the man's jaw. I watched as the black knight went flying back two feet. As he flew in the air from the force of the attack, I looked to both my sides quickly. The white knights were relativity doing well, we were progressing into army, slaying down all black knights that stood in our way. As we began to approach the core, the knights were no longer wearing helmets. They looked smugly at us. They thought they wouldn't need the extra protection.

As I approached the third knight in my way he held out a long black sword at me, he simply smirked at me before yelling out to me. "Saradomin scum shall be ridden from this world. A world where Zamorack shall rule!"  He was a delusional man, even by appearance. His hair was unkept and sticking out, almost as if lighting had hit him one to many times. "Saradomin's light shall protect us from the darkness!" I yelled back to him in responds, closing in on him. He pulled his sword back then plunged it at me as I got within range.  I used my mace to block, knowing that the shield wouldn't get there in time. His sword was on top of the mace's metal shaft. He smirked more before bringing his sword down, making me let go of my mace. I quickly stepped back and his swords scratched across my metal plated armor. I took the strap around my arm off and grasped my shield with my hand. I quickly threw my shield at the man's head, of course he used his forearms to block, but I wasn't expecting it to hit him. At the time he blocked the shield, I drew out my two handed sword. As I drew it out with one hand though,  the blade fell to the ground while the hilt was in my right hand.I switched the grip of my right hand on the two handed sword and twisted my body as I swung. The two handed sword has been swung with only one hand. It wasn't the most powerful attack but the attack broke the side of the man's armor and cut into one of his lungs. I grasped the sword with both hands now and withdrew it from the man's body. He might have gotten cut but he wasn't gonna give up. He began to swing in a fury with his sword. I began to block using my two handed sword.

After his fifth swing, I counter attacked. I pushed the blade to the side and swung my sword down. He attempted to side step, but he was to slow. The blade hit his shoulder and armor in that area simply broke apart. He arm was severed. He fell to the ground, as did his arm which held his sword. He seemed to pass out, but he was still breathing, even if it was only small breaths. I looked around, the black knights began to retreat, but one man stood still. He wasn't a knight though. He wore black robes with a red trim and held a large wooden staff, the staff looked like it was made out of a willow tree. He was mumbling something, holding his staff out, the staff's tip began to glow a dark red. All that I heard from him was the last thing he spoke. "Defeat the Saradomist Scum my Prince!!" He yelled out as the small dark red ball turned into a large portal or a dark red. The white knights began to step back, he was summoning something with the use of magic.

After a moment a large, two headed, figure with large wings began to emerge from the portal. It was a two headed dragon, large, black dragon. We all knew what that was. It was the prince black dragon. One of the strongest black dragons in the world. The battle had turned. Fighting black knights was one thing, but fighting a dragon to this caliber, that was difficult. We were brought down to slightly by the battle with the knights, our command only had seventy-four members reaming. Ten white knights and sixteen squires perished in the skirmish with the black knights. We did however take care of more than half of their own force. I heard Sir Colton's voice. I don't know where he was but his orders were clear. "We must defeat that wizard and the Prince Black Dragon. We are Knights of Falador! We fight to protect the lands from the evil forces. These are that evil forces. Now let us complete our task!" He yelled out. We were motivated by his words. We began to charge towards the sorcerer and the Prince Black Dragon.

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